Sep 21, 2017

Lovin' Life 21/9/2017: Louise M Shoes.

We're an airport, airplane, and air travel loving household.

One of Preschooler's first words was 'plane' and I remember afternoons spent looking up at the sky above our old house in search of the planes behind the roaring engines and swooshes of air that reverberated around us on that quiet suburban street.  We've been on many memorable flights together as well.  We've got practically every available toy and picture book devoted to these themes and I'm looking forward to even more air travel together as he gets older and I get a bit braver in my choice of flight destination.  I wonder how many years it's going to take for me to attempt a mother and son flight over to the US?

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On a personal level, it's safe to say that I'm just a little bit fascinated by the world of flight attendant life.  From personal memoirs to movies to travel journalism and airline-affiliated Instagram accounts... I'm as dedicated to flight life info as you may be to Game of Thrones or finding a way to justify the arrival of an iPhone X into your life later this year.

Sadly, the similarities between my life and that of a flight attendant are few.  We both spend a lot of time on our feet, we both wheel things around as we go (catering trolleys or a computer on wheels aka COW .... boom tish) talking to lots of people as we go and some of us do this all with our scarves remaining in prisitne conditions while others of us have a very good relationship with our dry cleaner.

But guess, what? I can now add another exciting similarity in our lives!  Footwear.  From Louise M's Cabin Crew Collection, to be precise.  Louise is a former flight attendant who is currently based in Perth and has a passion for well-made Italian leather shoes.  She created the Louise M range of shoes with aim of providing fashionable and functional shoes for women who need to be on their feet for long hours at work. Aside from the Cabin Crew Collection is the Corporate Collection with some great prices on the current range as the label moves to stocking new designs shortly.

I had a few requests for a review of Louise's shoes when I posted about my purchase on Instagram so here it is.  I thought I'd discuss the website, customer service, what I liked most about the shoes I bought and also the results of my road test of each pair.

The road test I put each pair of shoes through is an average day at work for me right now.  
  • Total time wearing shoes: ten hours
  • Rough breakdown of time spent on my feet: 4 - 6 hours continuously on the move walking, bending, pushing computer on wheels around, carrying shoulder bag  (filled with with notes, equipment and snacks), going up and down stairs.  The remainder of my time is more sedentary with maybe a burst of walking every half hour or so.  Usually end the day trying to safely shepherd a preschooler from preschool to the shops and then pushing a trolley around containing said preschooler and dinner ingredients.
  • Surfaces walked: gravel of carpark, sidewalks, concreted and lino topped floors.
  • Special requirements: that shoes be completely enclosed and have non slip soles.
  • I (touch wood) don't have any particular health concerns relating to my feet, veins or joints.  I don't require orthotics or special stockings to be worn under my shoes.  I wear either standard tights or stockings or nothing (!!).  I've tried those sockettes but I always lose them somewhere in my shoe.

Website and Customer Service

  • Easy to navigate website with detailed product information on each shoe including: heel height, construction (down to whether heels are stacked or leather), compliance with Australian airlines' staff uniform regulations, whether to size up or down, style tips based on client feedback.
  • Free returns / exchange for non sale items.
  • Clear return / exchange policy described on the website.
  • Helpful FAQ page.
  • Shipping was prompt and my shoes arrived with a little note from Louise.
  • I even received a follow up phone call the day after my shoes arrived to make sure I had the right sizes.
The Shoe Reviews

I purchased these because I needed a new pair of simple black ballerina style flats only with a durable sole, no 'heel biting' from any elasticated edges and some arch support.  

From Louse M Shoes website
Louise M Classic Nappa Flat $190 from $280.

Initial impressions:
  • true to size and comfortable from the moment I slipped them on
  • loved the 'no toe cleavage' design and the fact that they did not scream 'comfort shoe' when I took them out of their box
  • especially at the sale price of $190, I think these shoes are amazing value when you compare the quality of their construction and their durability to what other brands are offering
  • all leather construction with a grip surface over the sole of the shoe as illustrated below

Road test:

  • comfortable from the moment I put them on in the morning.  
  • no pinching of my heels or toes throughout the day.
  • soles were not slippery on non carpeted surfaces.
  • enough cushioning in the shoe as they are to feel comfortable after a day walking around in them on mostly hard flooring.
  • I have flat feet but don't require orthotics, no discomfort at all in these shoes though those of you who require extra support may have to slip your insoles in.
  • I wish these came in other colours too!
  • they are of a solid construction so they're not really the kind of flats you'd slip in your bag to save your feet from those killer heels that look the goods but hurt like h*ll....
  • my feet and these shoes breezed through the road test.
Heel height for the flats is 1.5cm.

The Hogl brand are made in Hungary (while the Louise M branded shoes are Italian made) with leather uppers and lining but synthetic soles.  I bought these because I find a 4.5cm heel is as high as I can go for work and I liked the detail at the leather detail at the heel as well.
From Louise M Shoes website.
Hogl Stacked Heel $130.

Initial impressions:

  • again, true to size and comfortable from the moment I slipped them on
  • I really liked the classic slightly rounded toe of these heels as well as the toe coverage
  • just a little different to the style of shoe I usually buy but not so left of field that I'd not be able to wear them regularly to work.

Road test:

  • these were a bit firmer around than the Louise M flats when I first put them on but no harm done after 5 hours straight on my feet.  Not a single tender joint or even the suggestion of a blister.
  • no uncomfortable rubbing at the heels either.
  • shoes were true to size.
  • what 4.5cm heel?  I felt like I was walking in flats all day.  Easy to drive in as well.
  • the soles are synthetic and non-slip so perfect for cruising down endless lino covered corridors while pushing a computer around.
  • the heel height and cut of the toe box were both very flattering and again, very work appropriate and not the remotest suggestion of 'comfort shoe' about the design of these shoes.
  • these heels were only a fraction less comfortable on their first wear than the flats but again my feet survived the road test in these shoes with minimal discomfort.

Final thoughts

  • While these shoes are expensive, they are seriously worth considering for your work wardrobe.  I've found that I don't actually wear many different pairs of shoes to work and the pairs I currently have are all variations on the same anyway.
  • I like that the soles are built to last which is often a sore point in all leather shoes.  The Hogl branded shoes have a fairly thick synthetic sole while the Louise M soles are leather with a coating over the top.  
  • Aside from their comfort, I'm bowled over by the design of these shoes.  Style has not been sacrificed for comfort.  They're also not trend driven shoes so you can divert your entire budget for work clothes next year to the clothes!
  • Being trapped in painful shoes all day at work is a miserable way to live not to mention the damage those shoes may be causing long term.  I'm so glad to have discovered Louise's range and am looking forward to seeing the new range.
  • And once again... here's a not so subtle hint to Louise to pretty please extend the colour range of her shoes.  


  1. Def do the mama & son trip - it's so much more easier than people say. Ignore them. I went for a job as an attendant once, which was stupid as I'm scared of flying. Interesting interview experience. It was for long haul so I had no idea how I thought I'd make that work. I like those stacked heel shoes....

  2. I love the low heel height of the Louise M shoes you pictured above. They look stylish yet comfortable!


  3. Thanks for posting this. :) Comfortable shoes are always good to know about.

  4. I love flying as well SSG but I also love these shoes. So stylish and I like the flat style as I don't wear heels that often these days and tend to totter around when I do. These look good but comfort is also an important factor. I'll be checking them out and thanks for the review!

  5. These shoes look fab! I am ALL for comfort these days ... especiall comfort that doesn't sacrifice style. Thanks so much for the review. I'll go bookmark her website and have a good look! #TeamLovinLife

  6. I hate flying but love the concept of being comfortable when doing so. My bestie is a flight attendant and it was a big change for her (she'd been a teacher) and getting used to the heels and walking was a challenge for her.

    I like the small manageable heels on these! #teamlovinlife

  7. I love stylish shoes that are also comfortable. These sound great, especially the Classic Nappa Flats :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  8. I love these shoes. Why am I finding out about them now that I work from home & my work shoes are bare feet or havaianas? #TeamLovinLife

  9. I don't know if I could do such a long plane trip with a little one, but we will see how I handle my upcoming Sydney trip (I just need to sort out what we are doing on each day then I'll shoot you an email and see if you are free any time I am).

    I really need a pair of shoes like these, I'm glad you found them so comfortable, especially the flats, it's been a while since I've had comfortable shoes on the first wear! Even my trust Marc Jacobs flats require a painful breaking in before they revert to a comfortable fit! THanks for the review :)

  10. Look at you being all Air Hostessy!
    Did you ever watch that (very short lived) series called Pan Am? I have the box set. I must find it. I think you'll like it. xo


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