Sep 28, 2017

Lovin' Life: Scenes From the Weekend.

It's getting warmer, the days are longer and school holidays have just begun.  It's a potent combination for me.  The weekends seem less hectic and there seems to be more time to just be in the moment.

 I bought a watermelon quarter in anticipation of the weekend's heat and a lime for a salad dressing.

I never knew that lime juice also worked over freshly cut mango cheeks.

Preschooler SSG dressed for the heat in a T-shirt, shorts ... and gum boots.  The boots were actually a visionary addition because we paused during our morning errands to have a ride on the Harris Farm tractor.

Sephora Westfield Bondi Junction finally opened and here's some of the crowd waiting in anticipation.  I'll be straight with you, I'm too old to queue for the opening of a store awning and to then to battle three woman deep crowds to get a look at anything before queuing once again to pay for my spoils.  So we walked on by.

To where Preschooler SSG and I snagged prime positions from which to observe this building site being prepared for something huge.  It was basically like watching the books I read to Preschooler SSG and the toys we play with come to life in front of me.  I'm not usually a construction site person but today I made an exception.

We snacked on White Rabbit candy.  They're a Chinese candy I remember fondly from my childhood.  We bought them from the Asian grocer in Northbridge (Perth reference there) and they taste of milk.  They also have a chewy consistency which Preschooler SSG loves.  It's a special moment sharing the lollies of your childhood with your own children.

As luck would have it, we walked past Sephora again and the line had vanished.

So we entered bravely and made a beeline for the Sephora branded make up.  There's no time for exploring Rihana's Fenty line (the one whose foundation is breaking the internet with its breadth of perfect colour matches for most of the worlds women) when shopping with a preschooler so I just got my usual in store purchase of a few eyeliners.  There's a new gel liner for $17 that's presented in wind up form.

It's made in Korea and applies so smoothly without skipping.  It's a testament to its waterproof claim that this test swatch I did on my and in store managed to survive an afternoon of food prep and other household jobs.

I made a minor breakthrough with my printer and finally discovered how to copy / scan multiple pages through the paper feeder I found by simply flipping the top lid.  Something I never thought to do previously in all the weeks I've owned it.

And last but not least, a quiet spot of Saturday afternoon laminating.  It really is the simple things in life at times, isn't it?

Has your pace of life changed with the change of weather and the fact that it's school holidays right now?


  1. Sephora is like a candy store - I love the Marc Jacobs liner ranges too. Yep, love this time of the year too... #TeamLovinLife

  2. What a lovely time it is when you can slow yourself down enough to view the world from your son's perspective. I used to do that with the grandkids and I recall driving Master 3 way long ago to a particular building site so he could check out and name the various machines!! Last weekend felt like Summer was around the corner but I am grateful it has cooled a bit but then this weekend the 'dreaded' 6 months of Daylight Saving Starts. I just find it too early to start and too late to finish. I liked the 4 months version way more!! Happy almost long weekend! D x

  3. I secretly like laminating. I think it's because it's one of those jobs you get thrown when you office temp (as I used to do) so it's kind of meditative and you get to be alone and not in the noisy part of an open plan office.

  4. Spring is a wonderful time of the year with the days getting longer and all those yummy summer fruits starting to appear in the fruit market. It certainly inspires me to get up early and take a walk along the beach with my dog. #TeamLovinLife

  5. You and the preschooler get up to some good times! Ohhh Mango how I love thee. Cannot wait to eat more Mango. That is one thing about summer that I do love! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  6. While we aren't impacted by the school holiday schedule yet, I am loving the warmer weather. It's like a taste of summer (over 30 at the moment) and it's making me long for summer holidays and Christmas parties and time off work doing nothing but relaxing (as much as you can when you have kids, ha!).

  7. It's still pretty chilly in my neck of the woods - and raining on and off. Still mangaged to get out and about a bit more than we do in Winter tho. Your watermelon and mango definitely reminded me that Summer is coming.

  8. Day light saving started last weekend and the school holidays start next week, so I sure hope that the warmer weather we've had this week hangs around.

  9. Oh you had me at Watermelon and Mango SSG! They both tell me that Summer, Christmas and the holidays are on the way! My grandson loves construction sites as well and is always on the look out for cranes. Have a beautiful weekend. xx
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  10. Ugh, I'm not enjoying the heat and we're due for the hottest Sept day in a couple of decades today or tomorrow. One of the things I want to organise (once I start my new job and am more financial!) is a second airconditioner and I suspect that's gonna be something I'll want to do something about sooner rather than later.

    I haven't even got a printer set up at home at the moment as mine's so basic it seems kinda pointless. I rarely print stuff nowadays and if I do need to scan something I tend to do it at work (or use my phone and take a pic!). I think if I ever start working on my novels I'd need a laser printer or something! #teamlovinlife


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