Sep 15, 2017

The Friday Download 15/9/2017.

There are those days of the week where comfort is key.  You don't have to go to work, you're not going anywhere special or you might even have had a swim in the morning and hence aren't in possession of either good hair or makeup.

On days like those, I hitch up the waistband of my mum jeans (we do not wear belts on the days we are not at work) and head out the door for a spot of mum lifing.  This involves picking up my dry cleaning before draping it over the side of my trolley as I scoot around doing the groceries.  

The dry cleaning drape serves two purposes.  Firstly my bags of perfectly pressed shirts and scarves are a reassuring visual reminder of those days where I actually make it out the door dressed appropriately for a day of action and decision making in that parallel universe I imagine my workplace to be.  A place where I rarely raise my voice (I can't even bring myself to confess that I shout, now that wouldn't do...) unless it's to speak in the ear of someone who's hearing aids are playing up and I rarely have to say the same thing more than once in the same conversation unless the person to whom I'm speaking repeats their question.  And secondly, having my dry cleaning over the side of my trolley keeps it in better condition than if I were to just drop it on the bottom of the trolley.

Speaking of work and it being on occurrence in my weekly schedule for which I dress up, how exciting was that thirty something degree day on Wednesday?  Everyone around me was dressed in anticipation of the heat.  There were beautiful sundresses all around me at work, there were tank tops and shorts on the street and Preschooler SSG was sockless at pick up time on account of the heat.  

Spring/Summer (because that's what the next six glorious months will be to me), I'm so glad we've been reunited.

I've discovered a new brand of soba noodles.  These are a Korean brand and not only do they come with a beautiful purple wrapper, they also cook much better than the brand I was using previously.  They hold their texture without going soggy and don't overcook as quickly as the competition.  They do cook to an inky purple which gives my lunch a goth / Prince kind of edge.

The brand is Sukina and this is what the packaging looks like.  I found mine at my go to Asian grocer at the Top Ryde Shopping Centre.

So you know how I love my work stationery.... well I endured the worst imaginable pain this week.  I had to take a full hour of notes using ... shudder ... cheap supermarket biros.  It was physically painful.

Definitely less painful was this gift to self after a long half week at the coalface.  I've been curious about Louise M shoes for quite some time now and when I found out that they were having a spring sale, I had a browse and found myself two new pairs of shoes for work.  

I know what you're wondering to ask.  Yes, definitely.  There will be a review post.  I'm on my feet for hours on end, I'm up and down endless flights of stairs, I walk on all kinds of mostly hard and slippery surfaces and I need to be comfortable, dressed appropriately for my work environment and comply with OH&S regulations too.  I also have an endless fascination with the lives of flight attendants and Louise M shoes were originally created with female flight crew in mind.  What could possibly go wrong with my post?  There will be something in it for everyone, I'm sure.

I ordered Wednesday evening, got shipping confirmation an hour later so I reckon I'll be ready to review here by mid next week.
In other retail news or perhaps that should be the retail news of the week, the new iPhones have been announced.  It's all looking like a brave new world in smartphones.  No home button, wireless recharging, retina identification, acres of smooth (and breakable) glass and shininess with the iPhone X estimated at having a base price of around .... $1500 in Australia this November.  It's so wrong yet strangely so right to be contemplating dropping that kind of money for a new phone...

Do strong feelings cross your mind as you ponder your dry cleaning?

Do strong feelings cross your mind as you ponder the new iPhones?

So many big questions.

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  1. I'm kinda of glad that hubby swapped from his iphone to a Samsung as mine has (so far, knock on wood!) held up to life with two toddlers. I wouldn't be game to get something made of so much glass like the new Iphone though! At least it's waterproof - a very welcome and much used feature on my phone!

    I'm the same with enjoying dressing up for work - I'm going through my 'work wardrobe' now and pulling out all the little worn pieces and enjoying all the workwear inspiration from my colleagues and people watching on the commute!


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