Sep 19, 2017

Tuesday's Miscellanea.

It was about time too, Australian Bureau of Statistics.

My postal vote form arrived last night and I've had my say, ticked yes and popped it back in the post this morning.  I can feel change, acceptance, and equality in the air as our nation comes together to hopefully agree that love is love.

The week's been off to a brisk start for me.  Work continues to be hectic and I am dealing with it by draping myself in beautiful prints via my new Boden frocks and making being on my feet all day less excruciating by wearing my new shoe from Louise M.  I'm hoping to have my review post up on the blog Thursday.

I won't lie.  I am loving all this sun that Sydney has been gifted with lately.  It's even been warm enough to wear shorts.  Albeit for around thirty minutes in the early afteroon but it's a start and my legs have seen enough sun to rescue them from their pastiness....

These bicycles have started appearing around my neighbourhood.  Some of them seem to get around a fair bit but this particular bike has been comfortably propped up against a tree I walk past on my way to get my morning coffee for quite some time now.  Perhaps it's a sign that I should be the one to ride the bike and relocate it to someplace new.

Elsewhere in the world, the Emmys were on earlier this week.  The frocks weren't that exciting but here are my favourite looks.

The Emmys were on earlier this week.  Congratulations on your win, Nicole.

And I am so glad that you won as well, Elisabeth Moss.  For your Outstanding Lead Actress nod in 'The Handmaid's Tale'.  I'm still trying to pluck up the courage to watch.

In lieu of an Emmy, I have these new kitchen scales to put on my kitchen bench top.  I wonder if it's true, by the way, that the recipients of such esteemed awards keep them in the most ordinary of places around their homes.

But back to the scales.  I'm very excited about them because them they appear to be virtually indestructible.  My digital ones have a habit of switching themselves on and off on a whim. I like that these scales are old school mechanical with a tare function and a dial full of numbers that I find strangely soothing.  I bought mine online from here.

I can vouch for the all-round deliciousness of this Sriracha aioli I bought at Costco the other day.  It's perfect with my sushi bowl salad as well as normal sushi.  I'm currently trying to think of the kind of sandwich that might also do it justice.  Fish finger ones, perhaps?

In more news from the world of sauces, it is now possible to order Big Mac sauce to go with your McNugget Happy Meal.  Preschooler SSG gives it two thumbs up with both fries and nuggets.

Preschooler SSG had a party at school on Friday complete with two very special guests - Bumblebee and Buzz Lightyear.  Both were a huge hit with the children.

I managed to find some Transformer pyjamas for him in the miracle area of Target that is the childrenswear sales rack.  They and his Toy Story pyjamas have traveled the route from wardrobe to bed to the laundry machine and clothesline many, many times already this week.

Given how much Preschooler SSG enjoyed the party and all the gross out humour and physical comedy that took place, I've taken the plunge and bought us tickets to see Frank Woodley's Noodlenut show at the Opera House these school holidays.  It looks like lots of fun and well, harbour side on a Saturday afternoon isn't a bad place to be either.

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  1. I'm still waiting for my form - with all the news about them being stolen and/or thrown away I'm hoping they turn up soon, it's the big topic in all the mum's groups, trying to see how far they've gotten. Current thinking is that they will arrive this week, fingers crossed! :)

    Looking forward to your review of those shoes too. I'm still the same shoe size I was pre-pregnancy, but some of my shoes seem to fit differently, if that makes sense? Previously adored pairs are starting to rub while others are still fine. Very strange! Contemplating buying some new ones!


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