Sep 2, 2017


The mornings might still be cold (what is it with my still having to wear uggs around the house and puffer jackets outside at the start of spring),

but the days are shaping up golden.

These flowers were the centrepiece of the communal table where I sat for breakfast this morning.  It might be stretching the truth just a bit but I'm positive it was their yellow glow that made the bread on display look especially golden.

Yellow capsicums are finally at the supermarket.  I'm going to be adding mine to this week's roasted vegetable lunches.

Ever on trend, Preschooler SSG drew me in yellow this week.

Before running and climbing to his heart's content through the greens, yellows and other vivid colours of a local play gym today.

Hoping you're enjoying this weather too.

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  1. Preschooler SSG's drawing is soooo adorable and local play gyms are the best for a good night's sleep on that day, haha! :)


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