Oct 6, 2017

Friday Drinks #16: Thank Goodness You're Here.

Why hello, Friday.  

It's been quite a week and I can hardly believe that you're finally here.  That and the fact that it's.. gulp .. eighty days until Christmas.  How did that even happen?  

I've got so many things to sort out before then.

Preschool photo week is coming up and it wasn't actually as excessive as I thought to have ironed six tops for the duration.  Of the six that I thought were brand new, four have paint stains on them already.  To make sure nothing else happens to there precious (because they're both freshly laundered and ironed) tops, I've hung them over the fireplace out of harm's way.

Kindergarten (!!) orientation morning is meant to be happening in a few weeks too.  So perhaps one of the tops will have to be earmarked for that too.  Parents are meant to be present for our own presentation and morning tea.  I am being proactive and have already booked in with my hairdresser earlier in the week.  Whatever am I going to wear, though?  It promises to be a steep learning curve for me, from what I've seen previously and I will endeavour to pass on my learnings to you via next year's blog posts and Instagram.

Speaking of being at the hairdresser, I was there this week as luck would have it.  You know how there are those people in the world who just have this way about them?  Of putting strangers at ease and drawing them out of themselves?  I met one such lady while we were both getting our colour done.  I'm one of those minimal chatter people at the hairdresser (and in the outside of work world in general, it's made for some very awkward moments over the years and it's the kind of gift that keeps on giving, unfortunately) so it was a painful contrast to the cloud of warm and embracing chat that was going on a few chairs down.  

As my colour developed I learned more about the hairdressing team in that one afternoon than I knew in the entire two years I've been a client there.  My fellow client just had this way of starting conversations and nurturing them beyond 'hi / how about this weather / what you are plans for the weekend / isn't Christmas so close... ' chat that I manage on a good day.

She made it all look so easy probably because she is a genuinely warm and effusive person.  I tried to take mental notes but I think the secret to her talent is mostly her inherent personality.

What do you think?  Are people like her just born with it or can you learn it too?

All the mental challenges of the week have found me getting a bit creative and crafty in my down time.  I dug out my box of washi tape the other day and have been busily winding it around old cardboard containers and boxes to make some storage for the craft and general work desk in the lounge room.  I've also added a clipboard to the desk to keep bills and other bits and pieces that I need to address.  It's made a world of difference to the appearance of the desk and also to my efficiency at home with personal admin.  I've attached sticky notes to the front of the clipboard so I can write tasks down and the dates they need to be done by.

As far as I'm concerened, the weekend is already here.  I've shopped the archives of my wardrobe and come up with a frock and a couple of bag options for tonight's girls night out.  Then I've got a non work work thing for most of the weekend.  Looking forward to catching up with those lovely people I haven't seen in way too long.

Wishing you a great weekend!

Be well.

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  1. I'm one of those people who struggle at the hairdresser too! I'm an introvert so small talk is excruciating for me. I don't have a natural talent for it. Once I know someone it's next to impossible to shut me up though, haha! I remember that back in school, we were doing an exercise where we had to ask our friends to describe us in one word, and mine was chatty. Of course most of the rest of the class was shocked when I said this - they'd never seen that side of me before!

    Good luck with the kindy orientation! I was just talking to a friend about that this morning, it's coming up so quickly for our little ones!


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