Oct 23, 2017

Life This Week 23/10/2017: With $1000 I Would....

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There are many noble causes that I could pledge that $1000 to.  The money could also go into a rainy day fund for the bills that all seem to come at once at this time of the year.  I could put it towards the mortgage.

But I'm not.

I would use that money to have a laundry and housekeeping service visit the bedrooms of my nearest and dearest to strip their beds, launder the sheets and then remake the beds.  Perfect corners on the sheets, plumped up pillows, doonas that fill their covers evenly and that glorious smell of bed linen that's been line dried on a hot and sunny day.  Wouldn't it be bliss to return home to all that on a Monday night?  Especially when the person who did it all was that fairy godmother named Someone Else?

What would you do with $1000?


  1. Now there's an idea. Clean sheets without the effort. Bliss. Have a great week.

  2. Oh that sounds like bliss. You can't beat the feeling of climbing into a professionally made bed, I always seem to sleep so much better.

  3. Haha the first thing I usually do in a hotel is destroy the bed (as in jump/lay on it) so I'm not sure this would be well spent on me. I like the idea though..

  4. That's such a generous way to spend $1000,but you're right, it would be perfection to arrive home to a gorgeous bed!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  5. Fresh clean sheets done by the Someone Else Fairy sounds delightful!

    What a wonderful idea!


  6. I love the idea of sharing the joy with others. We had a little windfall recently and I'm going to be sharing it with our adult 'kids' because a little bonus will be even more special for them at their age and stage.

  7. Oh that would be a lovely way to spend $1000! As it's getting so near to CHristmas, I'd put it towards Christmas presents! I've seen the perfect gift for my sister but it's sadly out of my budget :(

  8. If you could add in a nice bottle of Veuve in an ice bucket on the bedside table, that'd be just about perfect and you could be president of the world.

  9. Yeah go the luxury and the enjoyment you can bring to others. Nice one! Thanks for linking up for LifeThisWeek 41/52. Next week: Travel Tales.


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