Oct 12, 2017

Lovin' Life 12/10/2017: Balmain. Efendy.

Balmain is a little peninsula of Sydney's Inner West that will always have a piece of my heart.

Its skyline of beautifully restored terraces, its winding and sloping streets, the laid back sheen of both luxe and quirkiness that its residents exude. It makes for a heady mix.

It defies categories and stereotypes. Boho luxe, hipster, glamour yogi... none do Balmain justice nor do they define it.

And then there's that glimpse of the water as you descend the streets. There's nowhere else quite like it in Sydney.

I was in the 'hood Friday night for dinner with my work besties.  I found myself at our meeting point a little earlier than planned.  Accidentally on purpose, I suspect.  The sun hadn't yet set, the skies were clear so a little walk through the streets off Darling was the obvious way for me to while away the time.

Quintessential Duck Egg Blue is a furniture store that's opened since I last visited.  It specializes in found antique and industrial furniture.

The day will come, I hope, that I'll be able to furnish SSG Manor 2.0 with one or two pieces from them.

If you look closely at the photo above, you'll be able to see the reflection of where we met for dinner.

Efendy is a Balmain institution.  It's a Turkish restaurant housed in a converted house with a beautiful courtyard where you can also dine.  We were spoiled with a long table by the fireplace.

May I recommend the Vishnosna?

It's a prosecco cocktail featuring sour cherry juice and it was just what I needed to celebrate both the end of a long week and a weekend ahead spent with good friends.

The staff were endlessly kind and generous.  We were gifted several dishes throughout the night.

One of my favourite dishes of the night was this one featuring melon and fetta.  I often find Turkish food challenging to appreciate because some of the flavours are so foreign to me but Efendy made quick work of that.  I'll definitely be back and also intend to explore Anason, the restaurant in Barangaroo that Efendy's chef has also opened.

Do you have a favourite suburb in your city that you may not live in but love all the same?

Have you eaten at either Efendy or Anason?


  1. Last time I was in Sydney I caught the ferry across to Balmain from Circular Quay and had a stroll around the neighbourhood, eventually stopping for lunch at this fantastic cafe, but can't remember the name of it. #TeamLovinLife

  2. How gorgeous. I don't know Balmain at all but I love the eclectic mix of the places in your pics. I appreciate those suburbs that have a mix of old and new. One of the things I like about the place I live (Hervey Bay) is that parts of it are still a bit fishing village-y - little old fish and chip shops mixed with newer houses and high rises. Thankfully though high rise developments are kinda limited here. #teamlovinlife

  3. Ohhh wow - you've made me want to jump on a plane to Sydney and get myself to Balmain - now!! Though I've been to Sydney several times, I've never been to Balmain but it looks fabulous! Next time in Sydney I will make sure to go there. That restaurant look superb too. Love your photos! #TeamLovinLife

  4. I might be going back to visit Sydney briefly - I might check this area out, thanks! x #Lovin'LifeLinky

  5. That looks very much like my kind of neighbourhood. I love those old terrace houses that always seem to be within walking distance of fantastic shops and cafe's.

  6. Oh I do love Balmain. My first job was there! I really miss all the beautiful little houses and tiny streets and all the character of this beautiful suburb :) #TeamLovinLife

  7. I always loved the idea of Balmain, but living in North Western Sydney, rarely ventured over - and when we did it was to say stuff like 'we really should spend more time looking around here.' #TeamLovinLife

  8. I've never been to Balmain but it does look beautiful! :) Can't say I've eaten at a Turkish restaurant either - guessing Turkish delight doesn't count? haha!

  9. I got to experience Balmain for a few hours earlier this year while my girl was doing some sort of modelling thing. Can't remember what it was, but I sat at a Balmain cafe on the sidewalk and read my book. Lovely little part of the world. #teamlovinlife


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