Oct 19, 2017

Lovin' Life 19/10/2017: Recharge Here.

It's the middle of October and I'm, rather predictably, feeling a little frazzled and looking a bit like Preschooler SSG's stuffed toys.  The year's gone by at breakneck speed.  Nothing major's happened, it's just that so much of it has happened and I've just been juggling and balancing to keep it all ticking over.  So many analogies thrown together in that sentence but you get my drift.  I'm sure you're probably feeling the same about your year too.

What I'm loving this week have been things that have helped me recharge to some degree.  What I actually need is the Christmas / New Year break (I've got Christmas entirely off and only have to do on call from home on New Years... fist pumps all round) but in the mean time, here's what's been topping up my batteries.

That time alone I have each morning to exercise.  I generally start on this treadmill right next to the phone charging station.  The symbolism.

I've found myself a new perfume.

It's called Portrait of a Lady and you can find it at Mecca in various sizes.  The perfume was actually named after the Henry James novel.

via Google Images

I unfortunately, am yet to read the novel but I do have a picture in my mind of Nicole Kidman in the title role of the film adaptation.  From what Google tells me, Nicole as the newly wealthy Isabel Archer finds herself manipulated by Barbra Hershey's character into a questionable relationship with John Malkovich's Gilbert Osborn.

But back to the perfume.  It's very distinctive and described as a baroque, oriental rose yet it also smells very modern to me.  It's unique, heady yet fresh, it has mystery, it's also elegant.  Basically, a bit of a statement fragrance but it makes it with subtlety.  So basically, everything I look for in a perfume.  I've been wearing it daily to work and just because.  'Portrait of a Lady' has this unique quality of smelling a little 'worn down' the moment it's sprayed.  I mean this in a nicer way than it may sound.  Basically, it wears quite evenly through the day, the dry down not being as marked as it can be with other fragrances.  This might just be one of my forever fragrances...

I've been stealing ten minutes here and there to put my wound up mind and body through a few slow yoga poses.  Just before bed in my pyjamas, on a Saturday afternoon in my trackies....  Much better for me than if I'd spent the time scrolling through the socials or filling yet more shopping carts virtually.

And then there's those guilty pleasures that you know are bad for you but you can't resist anyway because they're just a bit mindless.  I speak of course of the weekend papers and the gossip they carry within their pages.  I did turn to page nine straight up and was rewarded with a hit of tabloid distraction.  It's the simple things.


  1. I've noticed quite a few people, myself included, who are feeling rather worn out at the moment. Things seem to catch up on us at this time of year and then we're in fast forward into the Christmas season. Bring on some time off! :) #TeamLovinLife

  2. My guilty pleasures are even worse - chocolate and wine!!! I like that you're able to schedule in some exercise time and get some yoga in each day. I need to be better at that as I think it will help my emotional (and mental) wellbeing. #teamlovinlife

  3. Love your multiple distractions SSG - especially the last one! Nothing like coffee and the weekend papers to bring that sense of relaxation. I often wonder whether the Millenials get the same buzz from whatever trendy beveridge they drink on the weekend and reading stuff on their phones???

  4. Self indulgence is sometimes the key for keeping our batteries charged. It's so easy to get overwhelmed and tired out this time of year. The lead up to Christmas is always a busy time of year. #TeamLovinLife

  5. It sounds like a lovely perfume! I still haven't gotten back to perfume after going spectacularly off it when pregnant, even now it's one of the things that still makes me queasy, and I wore my fave one almost daily for years before!

    It's awesome you get a bit of a break at Christmas time. I'm trying to sort out my leave now, I was trying to get in early but really it's not that far away as it's near the end of October! October always seems a crazy month for me, so I know what you mean.

  6. I'm sure feeling a bit more over it all and ready for a break, than i am usually at this time of year. I suspect that having a teen in the house who has anxiety and is in his final year of school has a lot to do with it. We seem to be lurching from one set of exams straight into the next without any let up. Thankfully this time next month we will be all done & the chapter that was high school will finally be finished. In the meantime, coastal walks, yoga and my Friday night wine, chocolate & some mags help recharge the batteries.

  7. Love the last one! I would have turned straight to page 9 too.
    And yes, love the symbolism of you recharging your batteries.

  8. I'm all for time alone to exercise and yoga. Hope you get to do more simple things to recharge, SSG.

  9. The fragrance sounds lovely! Have a great weekend :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  10. You must read the book - it's fabulous. I was also eyeing off the Jo Malone dark amber & ginger lily...


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