Oct 31, 2017

Real Techniques' Miracle Sponges. Miracle By Name....

Ready or not, it looks like the party season has officially begun.

The weather's been amazing, the Christmas decorations are up at Westfields around the country, all my weekends until the new year are pretty much accounted for and I've just discovered a makeup tool so life changing I'm amazed I've survived this long without it.  

Remember way back at the beginning of the month when I was in a bit of a state about trying to apply my special occasion (read full coverage, miracle-working) foundation with a blending brush?

Well, Instagram acknowledged my distress and suggested I try a makeup blending sponge next time.   As luck would have it, Priceline recently had a 30% off promotion on the Real Techniques range which has sadly ended but I've linked anyway in case you needed anything.

You're welcome.

Anyway, the first sponge I used from the range was the Miracle Complexion Sponge ($16.99 AUD full price) which has two ends with quite different uses.  These are so not the rubbery squares that you get free with makeup compacts or those solid and somewhat awkward triangles you buy in bulk and pull apart as needed.

The larger, flat surface is great for covering areas such as the cheeks, under the eyes,  across the forehead and around the jaw bone

while the pointy end works well around the nose and in the inner eye area.

The sponge is really comfortable to hold and hence control.  It's firm, latex texture smooths out liquid products much more easily than a brush.  Goodbye and good riddance, visible brush marks across my face!   Hello, softly blended makeup.  Just in time for the party season.

 I've been applying things to my face and then blending out with these sponges.  I'm not sure, though, if you're actually meant to apply product to the sponges directly and then to your face.  Need to watch some YouTube tutorials to confirm this, I think.

To store, you can get special sponge holders with some of the Real Techniques range but I've been using a spare skincare lid.  I've been cleaning mine with a few sprays of Mecca's brush cleaner.  The sponges are meant to last 1 - 3 months depending on frequency of use and because I loved my first sponge so much, I took advantage of the Priceline promotion and went back for this value set.

The Miracle Sponge 6 Pack currently retails for $55 AUD full price and you get quite a nice selection of product.

The little purple sponges are great for applying primer and base to your eyelids.  As well as blending out shadow if you're a bit of dunce at the smoky eye or contoured lid or anything involving more than one eyeshadow look.

In other kinda beauty blogger news, I've got some feedback on the Mecca Lit From Within illuminating drops ($45 AUD)  I got in my Beauty Loop box.  Just how I got to Level 3 is a bit of a worry.... but let's not go there today.  Plus I got to use my Body Shop green tea mask sample on the weekend.

Sad to say but the Mecca drops weren't all that for me.  I didn't really notice any change in the finish of my foundation with the drops mixed in.  All I got was a one shade lighter in the face than my neck effect, sadly.  Fortunately, because it was being worn to a girls night out dinner, the contrast wasn't as obvious in the restaurant as it was in my bathroom mirror.  People have been using this as a highlighter over foundation so perhaps I'll see if it works this way for me.

I was all excited about The Body Shop's Japanese Matcha Tea mask ($35 AUD)  but again, sadly, not much happened for me.  It has to be said at this point, I'm not really a mask kind of girl.  I don't have the patience to apply them and I much prefer using daily serums that you just pop under moisturizer and sunscreen before getting on with the rest of your day or night.

Back to the mask. It's slightly exfoliating with granules in it and is also meant to purify your skin as well.  I found it quite drying and the granules really didn't do much to smoothe the texture of my skin.  While I love body care from The Body Shop, I do find that facial skin care from the brand does tend to make my face sting.  

Is your phone calendar looking awfully full for the rest of year already?

Any exciting beauty finds to share?

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