Oct 21, 2017

Saturday. Baby Friends.

Saturdays are generally happy days with each one having its own special causes for happiness.  This is how today went for me.

It could be a coincidence that I only ever seem to photograph my shopping trolley when its full of fruit and other healthy foods....

I found myself solo at the supermarket around half six this morning with my usual illegible shopping list.  I won't lie, I took 20 minutes to find squeezy bottled lemon juice on purpose.  The serenity was definitely felt as I paced the aisles fuelled by a skinny cap and an almond croissant aka the weekend breakfast of treadmill warriors like myself.

The fresh flower display at Woolworths is looking especially fabulous right now.  There's a dedicated team who stock and arrange the area and I see them most Saturday mornings quietly focused on their flowers as they arrange them according to hue, shape and that X-factor that florists have when it comes to making already beautiful flowers look 11/10.

I've spring cleaned my trainer collection and ditched my current pair because they were not giving me any love on my runs this week.  On rotation for the rest of spring summer will be these Black Tailwinds and a controversially dayglo blue and pink coloured pair of Vomeros.  That's me, living on the edge and challenging the paradigm that all adult sized Nike trainers should be monochrome.  Both pairs of trainers are meant to be great for runners, something that Nike wasn't always the best at.  I'm pretty excited to be running in these over the next few months because they feel so cushioned and supported compared to my previous Nikes.

I then went around doing a whole lot of ordinary Saturday morning things that even I couldn't Instagram or Tweet about.  You know that stuff that just has to get done every Saturday otherwise the week that follows is destined for failure?  That stuff.

And then it was time for the zoo.

Which pretty much also means that a banh mi will be eaten at Wharf 4 while we wait for our ferry.  Predictability has its attraction.

It was one of those interesting days, weather-wise.  It started off a bit bleak when warmed up a bit and the cloud made for some beautiful light photo wise.

There was an awful lot of running around at the zoo with the occasional pause to observe lizards, snakes, giraffes and gorillas.  There could only be one winner in the animal of the day lottery and it was turtles.  Being the winning animal means that your stuffed and furry likeness will be purchased at any one of the four stores at the zoo by practically every child leaving the property. That's Tetris the turtle on Preschooler SSG's lap as we rode the ferry back to Circular Quay.  Can you tell that I name all our new zoo friends?

A picture of Tetris' name sake, FYI.  I fond memories of racking up huge scores on games of Tetris that I snuck in on my brother's Game Boy.  Such simple technological times they were.  I remember that you had to change physical game cartridges on the Game Boy, the screens weren't even in colour and you only touched the rather small 2D screen to clean it.  But I also rarely head of anyone breaking their Game Boys by dropping them or looking at them the wrong way....

Apparently Tetris not only matches Messina's cardboard cups, he is also rather fond of their blood orange gelato.

This is Preschooler SSG and his 'baby friend' shooting the breeze and tasting each other's gelato.  'Baby friend' in that they've been friends since birth.  We, the parents, cannot believe that they'll be five this December and that we'll be starting school orientation with them in the coming weeks. Together we wish them both a friendship that lasts through ages and stages and for ourselves the wish that we will be there together to continue sharing their ups, downs and in-betweens.

Be well.

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  1. Oh it's so sweet they are still friends at this age! I'm pretty sad as this month the last of my close mum friends and the boys friends moves away - had two friends with babies around the same ages (both times!) so it's sad that they've both left Brisbane. It's definitely something to treasure while you have it! :)


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