Oct 29, 2017

Springsummer Begins.

And on the seventh day,  I rose and decided I had to get out there and watch the sun rise over this glorious city.

Preferably while running.

The skies may have begun the day looking grey and cloudy

but the sun eventually won.

 It was also the kind of day for making things like double shot skinny caps a thing

as a solution to something called 'WINE' happening the night before.

Sunday has basically been one of those days where I didn't really have to look that hard to find the joy.  It's been the official, perfect start to my favourite time of the year in Sydney - springsummer.

Perhaps it was the weather that made everything seem easy.  Or perhaps it was the fact that we're only days from November and hence the downhill run to that festive season filter that gives everything within its days a golden glow.  Either or both, who knows?  I'm just glad I'm here basking in it all for another year.

Our elevator ride up to swimming this morning featured an impromptu stop on a level of the club that's been transformed into the kind of lawn I'd happily spend a summer's afternoon lazing around on.

I went a little off the shoulder in some broderie anglaise courtesy of my local Kmart for lunch at Centennial Park with a dear friend and her precious eight month old.

The Homestead was suitably glam with its mix of Scandi, hipster and croquet chic going on.

Outside the airy and light filled dining room was a large verandah and beyond that a lawn set up for drinks, chess and general running around with your arms flung wide (if you were Preschooler SSG).

I had a So Sydney moment as I ate a cauliflower steak and sipped an Aperol Spritz.

While Preschooler SSG tucked into some fish and chips.

The Festival of Springsummer continued after lunch with ice cream and fizzy drink.

This was Preschooler SSG's first Golden Gaytime and while they look half the size they were compared to the ice creams of my youth... thirty something something years ago... they apparently taste just as good.  He gave it two thumbs up which was more a technically correct thumbs up done twice with his free hand.

How was your Sunday in your part of the world?  I must say it was looking especially amazing throughout Sydney judging from social media.

Be well and may your week ahead be as golden as the weather.

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