Nov 20, 2017

Life This Week 20/11/2017: Taking Stock.

Making : a concerted effort to drink less Coke Zero for the rest of the year.  When I hit LA in January, I can see myself drinking it as freely as I should be drinking water...

Cooking : batches of soup for weeknight dinners.  The weather might be getting warmer and all but when I get home from work after a long day, a bowl of soup and a couple of slices of thickly buttered toast is often what I need to ease into the night' routine.

Drinking : T2 Peppermint.  As usual.  So glad I've got those two backup bags of teabags stashed away in the top left kitchen cupboard.

Reading: both school handbooks for Kindergarten next year.  I might have highlighted a few points and annotated the margins in red pen...

Trawling: my cookbook collection for good slice recipes for next year's lunchboxes.

Wanting: it to be December already so I can get started on our advent calendars.

Looking: at the backyard and reckoning I need to get the gardener over soon to stage an intervention.

Deciding: on my menu for Christmas lunch.  The supermarket magazines are full of great ideas.  I think I've chosen how the champagne will be served and possibly the dessert of the day.

Wishing: for nothing, really.

Enjoying: these longer days with their golden evenings.

Waiting: for my air tickets for LA.  Not that I'm desperate for a break or anything.

Liking: a mug of tea at my side when I'm tucked up in bed with a good read.

Wondering: if I should watch 'Big Little Lies'.  I loved the novel so much that I'm not sure if anything on film could do its words justice.

Loving: that it's warm enough to be able to wear dresses and skirts at work without tights or stockings. It's the little things.

Pondering: how much Lego I'm going to be able to build this Christmas.  Better get my order in soon.

Listening: to work related podcasts.  So much interesting research and so many fascinating people who do this research.

Considering: if I should take my hairdresser up on his idea of doing balyage on my jet (bottle) black hair....

Buying: bits and pieces for the goodie bags for Preschooler SSG's fifth birthday party next month.  I found these sets at Kmart and they range in price from .. forty cents (yep) to five dollars per set.

Watching: my splits and pace on the Map My Run app.  I'm back running in the backyard these days and I'm a bit disappointed in myself.  After all those months on the treadmill at the gym, my outdoor paces haven't changed at all.

Hoping: that the cake I have planned for Preschooler SSG's party will turn out.  

Marvelling: or actually wincing that my toes still hurt one week since that day I decided to wear heels all day to work....

Cringing: that I didn't know that 4 year olds need their own OPAL card.  I had just assumed children only needed to pay on public transport when they started school.  The oversight has now been rectified and Preschooler SSG is going to be so excited that he gets to tap his own card from now on.

Needing: more hours in the day.  Especially my days off which are more days on as I run around trying to get everything done.  

Questioning: how many Lulu Lemon tops a girl really needs....  Just an idle thought.  

Smelling: my fragrance of the moment, if not forever.... Dominic Ropion's 'Portrait Of A Lady'.

Wearing: distressed denim shorts with Breton tops and Birkis.  One of the surprising benefits of being of that 'invisible age' is the freedom of that invisibility.

Noticing: the time.  Gee, bedtime creeps up fast when you're having fun.

Knowing: that if you want things to be different, you have to be different as well.

Thinking: about how to spend tomorrow.  It's my day off and I'm flying solo for most of it.  Precious time but it also has to be productive.  The struggle is real.

Admiring: the train network that Preschooler SSG has built on our living room floor.

Getting: intimately acquainted with muscles of my abdominal wall I never knew I had.  Even when I was in labour that one time five (!!) years ago...  This is my new ab wheel and you're meant to roll the wheel away from you as you kneel on a mat.  All in the pursuit of a stronger core, I'm told.  

Bookmarking: recipes I just might need in the near future.  

Opening: a new bar of soap.  The bathroom is rose scented at the moment.  Love your work, L'Occitane.

Closing: accounts for subscriptions I barely use.  I'm looking at you, Netflix...  

Feeling: excited that it's December next month!!  My weekends are already all booked.  I love the holiday season.

Hearing: the radio from my bedroom as I sit typing in the family room.  I like that slightly distorted edge the distance and walls in between give to my favourite golden oldies, easy listening radio station.

Celebrating: that I'm one year closer to the expiry of six (!!) demerit points.  Don't ask....  there will be an entire post on the blog when they finally do expire.

Pretending: that I really do all those neck exercises my physio prescribed for me everyday.  And yes, I would also then have to pretend that I don't know that I'm only cheating myself.

Embracing: the truth that life and its situations will unfold at just the right time for each and every one of us.


  1. You sounds like all systems go!! Love that you got those kits for 40 cents!! Amazing. I live in Birkies, and have a laugh when people say "Isn't ti good they're back in fashion?" For some of us they never go out of fashion. Have a great time in LA. That's very exciting!

  2. love this post- you seem in such a good place! happy for you! xxx

  3. My dad had one of those Ab roller things when I was a kid!
    Soup after a long day sounds great. Now I am craving soup and I have not yet had breakfast!

  4. Yes, watch Big Little Lies. It was better than the book, and everyone involved was pretty amazing. I will throw in a special nod to the Sweater Of Rage. :) That will not make any sense until you watch it though.

  5. What a fabulous round up SSG. I love new special soaps and T2 is my favourite shop. Your soup and buttered toast sounds perfect after a long day. Don't we disappointed in yourself with your running - at least you are out there doing it. 2018 looks like a big year for you and your little pre-schooler. Have a great week!

  6. Big Little Lies series - you absolutely must. It is amazing, the actresses are jaw-dropping.
    One can never have too much lulu, especially if you exercise on the daily. you want it? do you think you will look good with it?
    You are not invisible. Not to the people that matter, anyway.

  7. I loves these type of posts! I used one of those ab roller thingys at bootcamp the other night and winced every time I laughed for two days afterwards.

  8. Damn you're organised! Already planning your Christmas lunch? I haven't even thought about Christmas yet. And I can relate to your batch cooking soup for dinner. It's almost winter now and I'm cooking all of the chicken soup.

  9. Ha, I laughed at your last line - what is it with exercises from the physio that seem so easy while you're there but you never get around to doing at home regularly!

    December is creeping up so quickly, I'm in a tizzy trying to get gifts organised as I like to avoid the big shopping centres in December as much as possible...but I am worried I won't have them all done - like you say, weekends are filling fast with lots of fun thing sin the run up to Christmas!

  10. How exciting to be looking forward to a trip to LA!

    Plus I must admit I do love planning parties, especially kids ones!


  11. What a fantastic post, I love that you are soaking up the pleasure of the little positives in your life, while making plans for the bigger moments.

  12. I totally recommend watching Little Big Lies - maybe save it for your LA flight as it is excellent plane watching?

  13. My way of commenting is doing something strange right forgive me if this ends up as two from me. Google is not playing nice. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 45/52. Next week's prompt: Best Birthday Ever.


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