Nov 27, 2017

Life This Week 27/11/2017: Best Birthday(s) Ever.

The best birthdays I've ever shared began way back on December 31, 2012. Preschooler SSG was born at around 10.45 pm and since then, New Year's Eve has meant more to me than fireworks and glasses of champagne.  I reflect on the last year of Preschooler SSG's life and how we've both changed and grown.  Each birthday is a little different from the preceding one in terms of its cake or the venue of the celebration but however we celebrate, we're always surrounded by family, friends and laughter (for at least some of the day) and the occasional tear (thankfully there are less of these as we both get on a bit in age).

I remember the day Preschooler SSG was born and how the world seemed to suddenly shrink down to just the two of us in our hospital room.  I had no idea what I was doing as a first-time mother and he had no idea what this crazy place was that he'd suddenly been thrust into.  To a soundtrack of soothing white noise from my iPhone and the occasional prompt from our midwives, we somehow got through those first five days together.

Birthday Number One was celebrated at home with a group of fellow graduates of the 'we made it through the first year' school of life from my mothers' group.  The house was pretty much stripped of anything potentially breakable by then because Preschooler SSG was both an early walker and a very capable climber.  The baby gates were his nemesis and he hated his cot which seemed to cramp his rolling while asleep style.  So he often took his naps on a mattress in the family room that was close to the ground.  Wish I'd known this before I'd invested in the cot I thought he'd use from birth to the age of four....

It was lovely seeing all our friends and it was probably the only birthday where us parents were able to still have relatively long and uninterrupted conversations with each other over our children who hadn't yet learned to speak, tantrum or get into too much strife in an enclosed space.  We managed to last about an hour and a half before Preschooler SSG decided it the party was over which he declared with a loud and lengthy squawk-cry.  His guests joined in the chorus and they were all whisked away for a solid hour and a half nap in their respective car seats.

Birthday Number Two fell in a period of peak 'Terrible Twos' activity.  All I remember is constant movement, intense emotions and a trail of wrapping paper and food that seemed to follow Preschooler SSG wherever his little feet took him around the house.

Birthday Number Three was celebrated twice which I think will become a tradition for us due to Preschooler SSG's birthday falling in the middle of school holidays and being a major holiday/cause for celebration in itself.  As three-year-olds, he and his guests were now starting to play with each other and were able to take turns at some party games and a treasure hunt I'd organized at home.  

New Year's Eve began with some birthday cupcakes shared with my parents who were in Sydney to help us celebrate.

Last year's fourth birthday party was great fun for young and old.  We went from wall to wall Thomas to wall to wall Toy Story...

plus a table of food and drink for the parents. 

One of my favourite parts of Preschooler SSG's birthday parties (besides the champagne and cake) is the chance to catch up with the beautiful people I've gotten to know through Preschooler SSG.  We're all often rushing from one place to the next when we do drop offs and pick ups so there's often not much time to get to know each other.

Birthday Number Five will soon be upon us and preparations have begun.  We will be celebrating at a play centre this year which will be a lot less work for me but at the same time, I do enjoy the decorating and frenzy that leads up to parties at home.  We've got around three weeks to go but I'm bracing myself for the noise, energy and high emotion that I'm sure will be big features of the day.  I'm also meant to be making a cake, the theme of which is currently changing on a daily basis.  Watch this space.

Do you have a favourite birthday of your own?

As a parent, do you find each birthday of your children to be the best ever?


  1. As a parent I find the birthdays a big hassle! I keep trying to get my youngest to outsource them but she won't! Ugh!

  2. What a lovely take on the Best Birthday Ever SSG! I wrote about mine but now that you mention it one of the best birthdays is 29th February when my darling grandson was born. He is the light of my life and has brought constant joy to me over the last 3.5 years. The best thing about being born on New Year's Eve is that everyone is happy and celebrating! Have a great week xx

  3. I'll be interested to see how the play centre birthday goes! :) We are constrained by space as to how many guests we can have which is frustrating. I'd like to have a picnic in a park but with autumn and winter babies it makes planning hard. We went to a beautiful one a couple months back and I'd like to give that a try this year, maybe if it's not too cold!

    The first birthday for my eldest was my favourite - his reactions through the day, and the relative ease of gifts and catering made is the best experience! With my second I didn't really have that relaxing feeling with it all as despite having had his NG tube out for a couple months there were still a lot of issues and it wasn't such a big celebration of surviving the first year, more a feeling of worry around it all and what would come next. I'm looking forward to enjoying this Christmas though, and getting some festive photos without an NG tube in, ha!

  4. WOw the big 5th birthday, enjoy the fuss and planning of this one. I found that from the 6th birthday on, I found that the expectations changed and the parties were more challenging. 2 1/2 months ago the Teen Techie celebrated his 18th birthday, which he organised himself.

  5. Oh wow. That was such a beautiful trip down memory lane and I so enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing the highs and lows and all the in-betweens. I bet during labour there was all that talk about "first baby" in 2013 or "last baby" in 2012. What a heady time giving birth is and what a shock it is to come home with one little person for whom you are responsible. I loved doing our kids (and helping with grandkids) birthday parties. Our eldest GD turns 21 on 23 Dec and she is celebrating with family & friends with a daytime picnic in a park on 17 Dec. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 46/52. Next Week: The View From Here. I see it as a visual prompt easing into 2018 "Share Your Snaps" every 5 weeks.


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