Nov 6, 2017

Life This Week 6/11/2017: A Highlights Reel.

Scenes and thoughts from the week....

Did you know that a macchiato is the one coffee order that's most open to barista interpretation?  I asked for a long macchiato topped up with cold milk at my favourite cafe at work and ended up leaving with two shots of espresso.  I then slunk into the work kitchen to create the macchiato of my dreams with some hot water, skim milk and sugar.

We're getting closer to the outcome of the same sex marriage plebiscite being revealed and Australia seems to have already decided.

My quads are still recovering from that magical Sunday morning run I did to Ruschutter's Bay a week ago.  They've been making their presence keenly felt each time I go up the stairs at work.  This photo is of those hire bikes that seem to be littered all over Sydney these days as riders abandon them wherever they see fit without any attention to the safety or convenience of others.

This trio of cockatoos were also seen on that Sunday run.

I went to Costco with Preschooler SSG and we shared one of their famous hot dog and bottomless soft drink meals.  The hotdog was 11/10 but the soft drinks were all horribly watered down.  Another customer and I bonded over which Pepsi Max dispenser made the strongest tasting soft drink as we each tested them and compared results.

Luckily, Costco delivered on other fronts.  I had to buy this set of liquid hand soaps because the bottles are so colourful and unusual.  Also in the photo is our customary purchase of a kilo of spreadable Lurpak.

On a less chirpy not and apologies for the borderline inappropriate photo but someone stole my banana from the pool changeroom while I was swimming on Tuesday.  What kind of person does that?  Surely not my pool nannas.  So I had to stop by Woolworths to get a replacement on my way home.

It's going to be a big week ahead.  The preschool lunchbox trial began today and I hope I got it right with what I packed and that most if not all of it will be eaten.


  1. Who steals a banana? That's so nuts!

  2. Things are bad when you have to hide your banana from the pool nanas! I wish we had a Costco closer to our home!


  3. Who steals another person's banana? Seriously? Have a great week.

  4. Oh how random for someone to steal a banana! Maybe that's the way society is going, not caring for people, with those bikes everywhere and bananas going missing! I certainly hope not!

    Looking forward to your lunch box trial results! I really need to liven up lunch time for the boys a little more now we are getting into a routine.

    Hope you had a great weekend :) We went to a theme park, a nice way to relax after a stressful sick-filled week!

  5. That's so weird to steal a banana!!

  6. try not to get to stressed out about the whole lunch box thing, which has become so PC. Get your little one involved in the decision making process & that way they can choose from a selection of options. When the Teen Techie was that age, he hated sandwiches but was more than happy to eat loads of other healthy stuff and then a treat.

  7. Good on you for the run! Lovely area to do that for sure. As for the lunch box trials. It sure is a good idea. In schools where I have taught the kids in Kinder often have far too much food...only because their loving Mamas (and Papas) want them well-fed. The reason I mention it as there are, in schools I know, only 2 food breaks - recess and lunch - and while the kids are supervised as they eat they are also keen to be out playing too so may not eat much. Some schools add in a crunch/sip time for fruit or veg & water as well. What most Kinder parents find is that the children are starving after school!! Then they eat and also are very very tired from the rigours of learning to sit still for a while, and learn all the new things!! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 43/52. Next week: My Last Year at High School.


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