Nov 11, 2017

The Week's Unexpected Moments.

There are those moments in life that are completely unexpected in a good way. They manage to be both perfect and memorable in their unscripted nature.  They also take you out of yourself and your internal dialogue for just long enough to give you a change of perspective or a much-needed pause in the chaotic speediness of daily life.

Seeing that beautiful butterfly that decided to settle on your car tyre just as you were mentally counting to five before potentially yelling your way through Wednesday morning's attempt at a speedy and courteous departure from home for preschool, the morning peak hour and then work.  Gazing at that butterfly for as long as it chose to stay on my tyre and admiring its beauty was just what I needed at that precise moment.

It must have been the week for car related moments because Friday turned out to be full of them.  This was me with about 3 centimetres (a generous estimate) between my car and the one on my left and the truck on my right.  My parking sensors were beeping and flashing in earnest and everyone around me was wearing the same terse expression with optional mouthed swear words and arm gestures.  

We were all jammed on that one narrow side road for a variety of reasons - kindergarten orientation, tennis (judging by one lady's outfit), to get to a construction job or simply because this road was the way to get from A to B.  I don't know why it was such a mess and neither did anyone else.  Windows were wound down as we attempted to micro manage / traffic control individual cells of obstructed cars until one brave man got out of his car and walked down the road directing each little knot of tense drivers at a time.  I am forever grateful for his gruff patience with me as I hyperventilated my through his instructions without any damage to property or person.

Orientation went off without a hitch after all the drama was gotten out of the way with the journey to it.  Preschooler SSG had a lovely morning visiting his classroom and getting to know a few boys who will be joining him next year.  I was just as lucky in being able to meet and chat with several really lovely women whom I hope to get to know better over the coming years.  

It was back on the road straight afterward as I headed into work via preschool.  As much as I love where I live and the wide variety of friendly people who make up my neighbourhood, I cannot for the life of me figure out why we're all so crazy in the carpark at our local shopping centre.  People wait for parking spaces within metres of the carpark entry point, oblivious to the line of incoming vehicles behind them.  Then, when it's time to exit, all sorts of shenanigans ensue with some creative overtaking and interpretation of the 'give way rule'.  

I was pondering all of this behind the wheel with a Coke Zero (been a bad week for drinking a little too much of this) and an unflattering view of the state of my car seats.  Turns out I wasn't the only person because I managed to catch the eye of another lady who was rolling her eyes.  We exchanged a few shoulder shrugs and giggles before finally being able to exit.  When you laugh hard enough that it reaches your shoulders, you know you're laughing just hard enough to chill out about whatever's giving you the irrits.

To cap off an unusual Friday, I had the loveliest conversation with a lady at Woolies while dressed in this frock.  It's by Bianca Spender from several years back and it's stood the test of time in terms of print, quality and those fluted sleeves.  I was limping (this is why I rarely wear heels on a school day) around behind my trolley when a woman's voice called out to me to ask who my dress was by.  We then had a chat about Bianca and her work.  Fashion, it's the glue that holds this place together, I sometimes reckon.

Saturday morning saw me take those post heels feet out for a run on the treadmill before tackling the tyre pressures on my car.  It's been a tough week for both my feet and my car and I'm happy to report that both are holding up.

I've rediscovered my batch cooking mojo and what better dish to kick off with than a slow cooker full of Golden Curry?

I went to Kmart and emerged both 15 mintues later and without a purchase.  Who would have thought a girl like me could accomplish this?

This afternoon's cuppa was brought to you by PG Tips.

One of my favourite things about The Tips (besides its taste) is opening a new box and seeing that cheeky chimp on the internal packaging.

How's your week been?

Any tales from your commute to share?

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