Nov 23, 2017

Lovin' Life 23/11/2017: A Change In the Weather.

The warmer weather hasn't just put some pep in my step, it's brought a breath of fresh air to the fruit at my local supermarket.  

Nectarines and peaches are in abundance.  It's been such a joy to pick these up for a change instead of my usual apples and pears.

Mangoes are a steal at the moment and they're a slightly special way to end those Monday night dinners which have come straight out of the freezer via the microwave.

Even the oranges have come up all juicy and sweet all of a sudden.

Of course I liked my own run!  It was my best pace for 5K since I started using Map My Run.

I've taken my morning runs outdoors and have been using Map My Run over the last couple of weeks.  It's been a great motivator having all the details or each run stored in my account.  My friend in London has been cheering me on and I have her very respectable average paces and distances to aspire to.

I've had to invest in a new pair of wireless earphones because outdoor running seems a bit harder on the ear canals than running on a treadmill.  These were $35 from MINISO.  The extra 'curl' in each ear really does help them stay put more securely.

The outdoor runs have meant less gym time so I've been improvising at home.  I'm not loving that ab wheel in the conventional sense of the term but I am 'loving' it in the 'no pain, no gain' sense.

I've shied away from pull-ups at the gym but in the spirit of finding new challenges, I had the bright idea of doing tabletop pull-ups at home.  Ugh.  They are brutal.  I'm averaging around twelve per attempt with at least a 30-second recovery in between....

What's the change in weather made you do?


  1. I'm loving all the fresh fruit at the momernt too! I went to the fruit shop this morning and bought apples, mangoes and nectarines. So delicious!


  2. The fruit is fabulous at the moment. We had some nectarines the other day that I swear are the best nectarines I've ever had...although it's possibly because they were the first we'd bought for the season, but hey... In awe over your running.

  3. I so love the summer fruits and can't wait until our apricots are ripe and ready to eat as they are my favourite fruits of all. Yum, my mouth is watering.

  4. I love summer fruits, particularly mangoes. Keep up the good work with the running! #TeamLovinLife

  5. Ugh, the ab wheel. I've just restarted pilates and it's a reminder of how little strength I have at the moment.

    I'm not a fruit eater but my mother LOVES summer and all of the summer fruits on offer.

    It's actually been a bit chillier here in Qld the last week or so and I've enjoyed that as we initially seemed to skip over spring! #teamlovinlife

  6. Wow! Excellent pace SSG for your run - well done. Mangoes, nectarines - they just say Christmas & Summer in Australia don't they. Love it! have a great week.

  7. It can still be a bit chilly here, I'm looking forward to the rain showers passing and some proper summer weather to arrive soon! :)

  8. Oh man, this makes me want to head to the shops and stock up on fruit. Yuuummmm. And the table pull up thing sounds challenge... Not sure I've got a table up to the task. Will have to check it out.


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