Nov 30, 2017

Lovin' Life 30/11/2017: The Nearly Christmas Highlights Reel.

There's something definitely in the air right now.  I think it's the joy, relief, and anticipation that December is just around the corner: bringing with it week after week of time with loved ones and a much needed slow down in pace.  It's also big bill, or more accurately every big bill I have time but even opening those envelopes has failed to rain on my almost Christmas parade.

But back to the unexpected joys of this last week or so....

It's been an extremely busy and chaotic winter for us at work and a long one too.  We unofficially called its end around mid October when numbers got less crazy.  As a little thank you in recognition of us all not completely getting tipped over the edge by the workload, we were treated to morning tea during the week.  A coffee cart and array of pastries somehow managed to fit into the lift up to our department's offices and set up to serve us in the main corridor.  It was a lovely surprise and something we all appreciated.

In another sign that the tide of busyness has finally turned at work, I got to eat lunch at 12 noon on Friday!   If that's not worthy of sharing to Instagram then I don't know what is.

Preschooler SSG loved his lunchbox program so much that I've been persuaded to continue making them for him.  He's taken to shopping for healthy additions to his lunchboxes with zeal.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank my ever expanding circle of mum friends.  They're always at the end of a text message to answer such pressing questions as 'are these (insert photo) the strawberry biscuits you packed for lunch today?' and 'do we need school bathers for term 1?'.  I hope when we're all settled into the new year to be able to ask more useful questions like 'free for a coffee this morning?' or 'is it wine time yet?'.

The weather's been mostly lovely, on my days off even.  Cue gelato with sprinkles for afternoon tea.

How could I walk away from a Priceline 40% off beauty sale?  Especially when their Randwick store had the gift sets I was looking for?  I've been planning to replace my current dying collection of work lip colours for some time now but couldn't decide whether to splurge on a few spendy items or go for cheap and cheerful with NYX.  Thank you, Priceline, for forcing my hand.

Now I and any colleague in need will never be without the perfect nude lip at work.  It's just a shame I can't improve the presentation of my stash a little.  Everything looked so perfect in the packaging with all the colours set out by colour tone.  Now they've all been unceremoniously dumped into a spare cardboard box and stashed in a desk drawer.  Should I get an acrylic organizer for them, I wonder?  Would it be too much for a work desk in a non-beauty related field?  Quite possibly.

And to finish off?  A beautiful way to say thank you.  I got to use my new Orla Kiely note cards for the first time this week.

Are you looking forward to December?

Have you noticed that the world is slowing down and smiling a bit right now?


  1. I like the look of that afternoon tea....

  2. I've been keeping an eye on Sydney's mostly nice weather as ours has been mostly not nice for the last couple of weeks - & it's stopping me from doing my morning walks...of course I could walk in the rain, I suppose...& I know Sydney siders would love so of the rain we've been getting &...I might just stop there. Have a fabulous weekend. #TeamLovinLife

  3. Much as I usually love December this year I have a few not so nice things happening, namely some medical tests and specialist appointments, a job interview to retain my job in our work's restructure (half the positions will be culled and I will be expected to go full time from my current part time status if I do retain a position) and my daughter is also having surgery next week. Once all these stressful things are over I'm hoping Christmas and January will be better and more enjoyable but it depends on the outcomes of the other icky things first!


  4. I'll have some gelato please! It looks delicious and I love the gift set from Priceline. It has certainly been a huge year but I do feel that once we hit end November everyone starts to slow down in anticipation of the summer holidays. Have a great week SSG!

  5. I love Priceline's 40% off sales! I do all my stocking up so I have heaps of products until the next one :) I don't wear makeup but I love the skin and hair ones - especially when my leave in conditioner/detangler goes on sale.

  6. I wish! I think it's getting crazier by the day! December is a chaotic month, but I still love this time of year. #TeamLovinLife

  7. I hope you enjoy the break over the Christmas period SSG. Loving the look of those lips colours you picked up at Priceline! xo #TeamLovinLife

  8. I've wondered in the past about the nyx brand's quality, but after reading this & seeing your great selection, will have to go take a closer look.

  9. I actually want to buy some more nail polish. I ditched a heap of my old ones when I moved a year ago and have only had 1-2 colours since and it's nice - now it's summer and I'm showing my toes - to have some bright (or dark!) colours on offer.

    And how nice to have a little celebration at work... recognition of the hard work you've done. I think sometimes having that appreciation expressed can make a world of difference. #teamlovinlife

  10. Glad you are getting less busy - just in time for the busy season (but hopefully non-work related busy-ness)

  11. Yes it's definitely starting to feel more like Christmas around here - and I'm sure everyone is nicer and kinder for it! I'm looking forward to putting the tree up this weekend and really getting into the spirit, even if it is supposed to be a wet weekend for us!

  12. You find the best things on your outings SSG! :) x #TeamLovinLife

  13. So lovely to hear you've got your circle of school mums. That's a must! #teamlovinlife


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