Nov 24, 2017

On Almost Being A First Year Of School Mum.

'The days are long but the years are short'
An observation that keeps me going when we get in the door on Mondays around 6.45pm with cute hopes of making it into bed by 8.


'Everybody is fed, nobody is dead'
Just some of the wise words of Hurrah For Gin.

Also true.

I'm heading into my final few weeks of being a preschool mum and also the last of 'our' Thursdays together before my preschooler heads to Big School next year, five days a week.  I haven't really thought that hard about it until now but the as we get closer to December, there is a sense of finality to this routine we currently have.

'Our' Thursdays are lovely in that we get a sleep in before I attack the housework and Preschooler SSG either helps or plays with his trains around the housework.  We then wander down the road for a coffee before starting the rest of our day.  Thursdays are often busy for us which leads to battles of wills and frayed tempers so I do try and make sure we both have some kind of quiet time during the day.  However the day pans out and whatever contrasting high emotions we may be feeling simultaneously,  we're in it together and have to get through it together.

Another thing that's accelerated my thoughts about all the change that kindergarten will bring is the fact that we went shopping for school uniforms yesterday.

We took the scenic route to the uniform shop as I managed to get lost once again on the third of three attempts I've now made to drive to a school that is five minutes from home.  The good news is that I got to explore some really beautiful homes (objectively, some of them are mansions...) along the way while also accidentally finding the official school drop off point which is a street behind the junior school street address.

Preschooler SSG was excited.  So excited that he refused to face the camera for those all important first uniform photos for the grandparents and aunts and uncles so here are the back views of his summer and sports uniforms for term 1.  It took just over half an hour to purchase these uniforms.  Firstly, a certain person decided to lock the changeroom door from inside and slide out from under the locked door after each change.  There was also a lot of wriggling but we got there.

Those blue and gold Ikea bags are perfect for uniform shopping because they not only fit a whole term's worth of clothing but they're also easy to carry on the trek you need to make on foot back to the lucky car space you found on a distant street.

School uniforms have changed so much in the last decade or three.  All items of clothing now seem to feature spaces for names to be stamped (if your handwriting is as appalling as mine) or written in.  No sewing!  No ironing on!

This is my trusty laundry stamp that I purchased earlier this year but you can find to order over here.

I had heard rumours that the kindergarten uniform was not only virtually indestructible but that if you had the foresight to use your dryer on it, ironing would be redundant.  Do you reckon that's because it's Teflon coated?

Will you be joining me in being a first time First Year Of School mum in 2018?  Have you stocked up on waterproof mascara and polished your largest sunnies yet?

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  1. Good luck with the first year of school SSG! Getting the uniform is a big step! :)

    We are currently facing the conundrum of when to start the first year of school, and where, given that we still don't have a house and every purchase locally has fallen through for various reasons. I'm wondering if it's worth it to look further afield, but that means changing the school we were thinking of and daycares. It's a big change, lots to think about! Hope it goes smoothly for you both.


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