Dec 12, 2017

Bingo and Other Things.

What's a girl to do when you've been stalking summer since November and it arrives at peak intensity overnight?  Probably be more grateful and prepared than what I was today.  It hit 30C in Sydney today.  The sun rose to a sultry morning that was equal parts haze and humidity.  I'm never at my best when I wake up to that pair.

Some frozen banana chopped over a tub of Chobani's delicious banana and chia yoghurt helped cool me down.  I'm also liking belVita's breakfast biscuit range with the yoghurt filling sandwiching them together.

Preschooler SSG was more on the ball than I.  Thanks to his foresight, the freezer was fully stocked with Zooper Doopers and their 'healthy' cousins.  They were savoured and saviours today.

Among the things that are stuffed into my 'too full for just under a fortnight to Christmas' freezer is this doll.  

She's a baby LOL Suprise and those toys are the work of the devil.  A gateway toy to that worrying world of plastic landfill and mindless consumption.  I'm taking this far too seriously but I refuse to ease up on the side eye I'm giving child toy reviewers on YouTube....

Can you believe that this little plastic bauble cost $12 at Woolies?!?!?!  There's also at least 45 of them to collect....   Apparently the thrill is unwrapping the plastic layers to reveal bits of paper before finally getting to the doll and her (poorly made) accessories which all look a bit frightening to me.  But then again, I find the whole unicorn trend bewildering so I'm not the best judge of these things.

But I digress.  The reason she was in the freezer was because her nappy and hair are suppose to change colour when you give her a bath in iced water.  We didn't get the full effect following the instructions so the freezer it was and still is.  She does make quite a freaky 'ice cube' but I'll spare you the visuals on that one.

More useful and value for money items in my freezer right now include pretty much the entire selection of mains for Christmas lunch.  Courtesy of Aldi, of course.

Instagram tells me that the Turducken is rather salty.  However, I'm still excited to see what it will taste like on Christmas Day, the handy graphic on the box assures me that all my favourite festive meats feature in the roll all the same.

I also found these bags of frozen prawns that are going to feature in some noodles and fried rice that I'll be making for dad.

I'm still a bit dark about that $12 doll bauble thing.  This is what $12 also gets you at KMart.  It's a bingo set that's well made for the price point and has occupied us both for far longer than the frozen doll and her bits and pieces.  The set features a fun to spin bingo cage and a master board that pulls out from under the cage counters and cards.  The only thing that's missing is a key with the rhyming slang aka bingo lingo for all the numbers.  Not a biggie, though, I'm sure Google will be able to furnish me with a list. 

We've been playing all afternoon and it's been a pleasant way to while away the hours away from the heat. 

Other than that, it's been a day of steadily ticking off the little things I've been meaning to do.  The post office, a new wall clock for Preschooler SSG's room and putting his latest preschool photos in some nice frames for my office and also as a gift for my mum and dad.

Know any bingo lingo?  If I sound a bit funny when next I write, you'll know I've gotten my hands on a list of some of it....

Have your children latched onto an annoying toy courtesy of YouTube University?

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  1. Our winter arrived overnight as your summer arrived. Im in Emus today.


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