Dec 5, 2017

December So Far.

December just happened all of a sudden this year, didn't it?

On that glorious day that was December 1,

the traffic of that painful morning peak seemed to disappear into thin air, leaving rainbows in its place.  In hindsight, I think all of that traffic just diverted itself to Westfield Bondi Junction but that's a story I can't bring myself to write about just yet.  Seriously, I'm online shopping for the rest of this month and only going to shops for essentials... and possibly an early on a weekday window shop.

Preschooler SSG has attacked our advent calendars with gusto.

I'm loving both the gifts and the uplifting daily tasks that my Body Shop calendar has been giving me every day.

I'm not quite feeling as much love for my daily task of assembling Lego without any more instruction than the illustrations on the box of Preschooler SSG's advent calendar.

Preschooler SSG participated in his first Christmas appeal this year.  These specially selected groceries were dropped off at church over the weekend to be made into hampers.  

I still haven't bought any big ticket gifts yet.  So I've taken to placing recent mail order purchases under the tree as seat warmers.  I'm really not fooling anyone, am I?  And I really do have to brave the carpark of WBJ today, don't I?  Darn.

Preschooler SSG's current obsessions include Hatchimals.  They're basically all kinds of plastic animals in shells that you rub until they hatch.  If your preschooler is not naturally blessed with patience, be prepared to tread on bits of shell as those spendy plastic eggs get rolled and 'gently' dropped onto the floorboards to get that hatching started.  How did life come to this?

I did try to make a start on the Christmas shopping on Saturday but my will to spend pretty much died after twenty minutes of trying to keep tabs on Preschooler SSG as we weaved our way through millions (exaggerating but only slightly) of determined shoppers trying to make the best of a grim situation as lights and tinsel twinkled above and Christmas music filled the air.  Naturally, the only things I bought mainly related to me - a new bottle of cleanser, a bag of T2's Morning Sunshine and rather randomly, a bow tie.

H&M ended up being the unlikely source of the bowtie Preschooler SSG wore to his Preschool graduation.

He finally went with the yellow polo on the day.  The bow tie lasted five minutes...  

I've been rocking the Rorschach test look by way of this Lulu Lemon running top.  It's that long sleeved Quick Pace one with the airy back.  I wasn't sure about the monochrome paint splattered lookt at first but it's grown on me.  

I've been wearing it as I attempt to use Spring Moves a music streaming app for runners.  It's a subscription service that's $9.99 AUD a month via iTunes.  The app works out your running cadence and based on the music preferences you submit will play music to keep you running.  It does keep a track of your times and distances but I haven't quite gotten this to work yet.  I've been listening to the music, picking some of their premixed playlists and then logging my runs to MayMyRun which seems to still work while listening to Spring Moves.

Photos with Santa have been taken at Santa's flower laden cupola at the QVB.

Unfortunately, last year's donut coupon didn't return this year but we did get some Haigh's chocolate for our efforts.

Elsewhere in the QVB, Christmas was and is at it always should be at this beautiful building.  The central Christmas tree soared into the high roof trailling shimmering crystal and lights as it did so.

There's this sense of stepping back in time for Christmas on the top floor with all the glittering baubles on display and the traditional take on Christmas that many of the stores choose for their decorations.  It's also wonderfully, deliciously quiet and calm up here as well.

Meanwhile, back on street level at the Pitt Street Mall, Christmas was all about colour, hustle and eye catching signage celebrating all manner of things.  Philosophy was hosting a pop up store outside Zara.

Where I was given a range of samples to take home.  It's been a while since I've used Philosophy so I'm looking forward to trying them.

It's fair to say I'm generally loving December.  I can't help myself.


  1. I braved the local Westfield with my sister on Friday and while it was busy, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - I'm worried it's giving me a false level of confidence as I am dragging my feet a bit on last minute gifts. I know what I need to get but chances are I'll go there to get them and be faced with the madness that is Westfield in December...hopefully not!

  2. My son is right into his Advent Calendars, too! We spoiled him with two Cadbury one :) x

    Di from Max The Unicorn


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