Dec 15, 2017

Friday Drinks #18: Double Shots, Good Things Black, Pom Poms and Sad Goodbyes.

There's a special someone I'd like to thank for getting me to this fine Friday...

Raise your hand and bask in the applause, extra shot of espresso in every coffee I've drunk this week.  Your spark each morning never failed to light the candle I've been burning at both ends as I've sort of managed to keep all those spinning plates in the air this week.  Nothing in the major life event category but with my mind being this close to being in holiday mode, anything that involves lateral thinking and sleep deprivation is proving to be a bigger challenge than normal to me right now.

'Big Kids' Nurofen has been a constant companion on the kitchen table this week as I've tried to fight the fevers on Preschooler SSG's behalf while also tempting him to eat with all his favourite foods.  Fortunately, it looks as if he's turned the corner and is well on the way to recovery for another busy weekend of birthday parties and Christmas celebrations.

I dusted off this old favourite from Zara Singapore this week.  I didn't dust it off as well as I could have because there's a rather large grey spot on the right shoulder that I only noticed when I got to work.

I've also revisited an old favourite in the make up world as well.  I know I raved about Maybelline's Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner a few months back but it dried out after a few weeks for me so I was back to square one.  Enter MAC's Fluidline gel liner in Blacktrack  ($35 AUD and now available online via Mecca!!).

Truth be told, I probably should have stumped out the extra clams in the first place because MAC products last for ages and are always reliable in terms of consistency, intensity, longevity and finish.  Blacktrack is every bit as good as I remember it.

Still on the topic of all things black.  Remember my Carolina tunic?  The one whose care instructions were wash, dry and wear (and look fabulous - my parentheses)?   Word.  I've just taken my Habana tunic off the line at the end of a sweltering 42C day and it's beautiful.  Looks as good as when I unwrapped it on delivery.  

Did you know that the fabulous Mai Tai has a range of bag charms at her online store?

It might be the height of summer but I still have a special place in my heart for mink pom poms....  They're my little nod to the white Christmas we are worlds away from here in Sydney.

I've had to say a sad goodbye this week.  Every Thursday for the past two years, Preschooler SSG and I have gone to a music class featuring ukeleles, imaginative and music based play, story time, singing and a whole host of fascinating perscussion instruments from around the world.  I really enjoy going with Preschooler SSG because it gives us a chance to interact with each other in a different way to how we do with the rest of our home and work routines.  A bit of singing, dancing and percussing together helps let off steam as well as allowing us to express ourselves musically.  I'm tone deaf and can't keep the beat at the best of times but it never seems to matter in class with Miss Jo.

Yesterday was our last class which meant saying goodbye not only to all of the above but also the wonderful group of friends we both made over the two years.  The mums and extended family of Preschooler SSG's classmates are all truly good, kind and fun people.  As we got to know each other, we'd take turns keeping an eye out for each other's children and it was heartwarming to see the way each child warmed to each of us.  As a one time parent of one, being accepted by the other mums gave me a wonderful chance to be an 'aunty' to a group of children of a wide range of ages.  

There was never any tension among the children which I found fascinating.  Sibling rivalry seemed to get let at the door as the older children did their thing together while being sensitive to the different level of maturity and skill set of 'the babies'.  

As usual, we were all in such a rush when class ended that we forgot to take a class photo.  So my abiding memory of our Thursday music class with Miss Jo will be our ukelele and the fact that I still haven't gotten around to replacing the missing string...

Have you had to say a sad goodbye to a group of parents you've grown fond of this year?

Be well and have a great weekend!


  1. SSG, I'm surprised and saddened about the mink pom pom bag adornments.


    1. Hello Jo
      Thank you for taking the time to comment and for raising my awareness of the issues behind the choices I make on a whim for the sake of fashion. I find it so easy to point the finger and cast blame on others who may own coats and stoles but really I am no different.

      SSG xxx

  2. That is a really cool response, SSG. Adulting on point!
    I hope this coming week is a bit kinder to you.


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