Dec 11, 2017

Life This Week 11/12/2017: Today I Will....

Today is Monday.  Not just any Monday but the Monday a fortnight before Christmas.  It's also a Monday in summer - the most magical time of the year to be in Sydney.

So while I will accept that today is Monday and henace will be a crazy day at work I will also acknowledge that there's also an undercurrent of shoulders unwinding and brows unfurrowing on the floor and in the lifts and stairs as everyone looks forward to that magical time when beds and wards close and activity winds down around the hospital.  The Christmas decorations are up and ward Christmas lunches have been planned (they're like the lunches you might have at your work only alcohol free and we don't get dressed up unless it's to put tinsel or reindeer ears on our heads or  garish Christmas ties where more tasteful patterns and muted tones would normally be worn).

'It's nearly Christmas' is the thought that's on everyone's minds today as we catch up from the weekend. It's the thought that keeps us going and keeps us smiling.

So today, I will make a concerted effort to keep my mind on 'nearly Christmas' as that not so distant prize on the horizon as I calmly deal with the realities of today.  

Nearly Christmas is....

warm summer mornings spent at a favourite cafe playing board games with Preschooler SSG as we sip our respective soothing drinks

it's time spent with family doing ordinary things but doing them with more laughter than usual because togetherness is a thing of joy

it's spending the evening at our 'almost beach' up the road with our bare feet being hugged warmly by the sand as the waves lap close by

it's running at dawn down to Rushcutter's Bay and being lulled into a steady pace by the clank of the boats that loom so close as you round the park

it's that languid post-run walk home with a cup of coffee in your hand as you try to think of what it is that you have to do when you get hone only to realize that there's not any urgency to whatever it was because it's the holidays

Nearly Christmas is also when I get a bit of downtime which I usually spend

swimming before spending twice as long as I did in the pool by its side lounging on a deck chair

being dressed for comfort as I attack the mountain of neglected work reading that's piled up from The Winter.

Then Nearly Christmas becomes Christmas, bringing it with all of the above plus special moments that instantly become precious memories.

After Christmas and until after the New Years Public Holiday finds me in cycle of three hourly extravagant meals made up of Christmas leftovers, late nights in bed spent reading, hours putting together Lego and doing such frivolous things as hitting the changerooms of fancy stores at the post-Christmas sales. 

As the city slowly wakes up, finds its usual high levels of energy and returns to its usual routine so too do I.  Begrudgingly and a little reluctantly.  But it has to be done.  I wonder how fast the break went by and also how fast the year that preceded it went as well.

But being back at the coal face isn't without its attraction.  A whole new year of work means more holidays to be taken and with them new places to be explored or familiar ones revisited.

Today I will think off all this with a smile that reaches my eyes.


  1. What a beautiful time of year for you. This week I took my 3.5yo grandson to Raby Bay so we could dabble our feet in the water. It was pretty hot up here in Qld. Have a fabulous week SSG! xx

  2. I'm trying to clear up the few last minute things so we can sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the run up to Christmas. It's not freaking me out that Christmas is so close so I'm pretty organised this year! It does make everything and everyone that bit more cheerful as it gets closer to the date, if you avoid the shops of course!

  3. Nice one. Wishing you a fabulous week.

  4. A fortnight before Christmas! My level of organisation is not at that stage yet! I feel like I need at least a month to get organised.

    It's such a hectic week this week for me with my daughter's surgery last week, my job interview this morning and then the end of school activities happening night after night after night with presentation days and band performances etc.Iwish I could clone myself to get more done at once!


  5. Nearly Christmas is about all I'm tired-ly hanging to!

  6. I love your pre-Christmas build up and how relaxed it all looks - I hope that carries over into the new year for you x

  7. Good ol' snakes and ladders. A fave! It always bothers me when they call it "shoots and ladders" in the US. What's wrong with snakes?

  8. Love that dress! I like that you are getting to Redleaf. Love it. Perfect weather for it. And stop saying it's almost xmas!!!!!

  9. Have fun at your non-alcoholic Christmas lunches! If I'm honest, I kind of prefer them that way, I'm not a big drinker and this time of year people get a little upset if you're not drinking along with them.
    I love the idea of playing board games with your little one to pass the mornings! A great way to keep them occupied while you're enjoying your morning coffee.

  10. I am so loving the air of excitement in your posts. They make me look back on my years of work at school and how there was a lot of hard work but the end in sight, and then long hols was always exciting. And of course, you have a birthday thrown in for the fun! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek48/52. Next week is the last link up and prompt for 2017 - Christmas Plans


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