Dec 1, 2017

Why Hello, December.

December, you're here back again at last.  

I've had a whole year (though it's only felt like weeks wince you were last around) to reflect on what you mean to me and why you're one of my favourite months.  

Here's a few reasons:

Christmas Breakfast Tea from T2 made in my 'Oh Deer' mug every morning.

Using Santa's Biscuits to make the bases of this month's cheesecakes.

Glancing up from my computer every now and then to gaze at the Christmas tree Preschooler SSG helped decorate this year.

I've got to get my skates on and get those presents under the tree.

In the meantime, some favourite stuffed toys have taken poll position and spend their afternoons gazing up at the decorations until we get in from work and preschool.

Realizing that I can no longer remain in denial about the shopping centre situation that's been slowly escalating.  The stores are all fully decked out for Christmas and as the school year ends, they're going to be even busier than usual.  I was planning to purchase most of my gifts online but now that I've left it a bit late, I'm going to have to brace myself and try to navigate the lights and tempting distractions as best I can.

Myer's Giftorium in the city is looking especially tempting this year.

I was this close to getting myself a custom pair of Havianas.  Focus, SSG.  Focus.

Advent calendards for young and old are a no brainer.

Ours have done very well to remain unopened and in pristine condition under the tree for all these days despite the efforts of curious hands.

We also have a dinosaur at the beach tableau under our tree.  I have no idea why but I guess I'll find out.

Gifts from a dear friend all the way in New York have been saved for opening on Christmas Day at the request of Preschooler SSG himself.

This year's spendy Christmas decoration is from none other than those good people behind those blue boxes fastened with white ribbon...

December isn't just about the festivities, it's also a month of planning for the year that's about to begin.

New diaries.

Entering essential information into those new diaries.  It's been a while since I've had write in school holidays on the inside cover year planner...

I'm eternally grateful to Faux Fuchsia and her pearls of wisdom for the working mum who's a bit apprehensive about becoming a first-time school mum.  You can read FF's wise words in the comments under this photo in my Instagram feed from a few days back but essentially:

  • planning ahead is key, hence these hangers and wardrobe boxes specifically for school uniforms
  • lean in with your fellow school mums, help each other out and share the information you have
  • it's all less daunting if you Keep Calm.
What does December mean to you?


  1. Those are good school tips! :) I try to avoid the stores on December as much as possible, but I have 4 gifts left to buy. I've only just realised what the last one should be, so now I know what to get everyone I better go get them. There's always a last minute dash anyway no matter how prepared I think I am, haha! I'm going to go cross the last things off hopefully later this afternoon, with my sister so we can wrangle the boys at the same time!
    I'm surprised it's December already, but excited too, we are going to put up our Christmas tree this weekend.

  2. One little tip I have learned for myself and it works equally well for kids and hangers - I have a small place on the hanging rack where the clothes for tomorrow -
    whether it be work, workout, an appointment of some kind, whatever might be on the agenda - get placed the night before.

    This means I do not even have to think pre-caffeine, I can just grab the clothes and put them on.

    Bonus points are awarded when I check the night before to make sure they are turned in the right way, because sometimes pre-coffee I might assume and then discover that my leggings are in fact inside out. :) Usually before I get where I am going, but there was that one time I got right to the end of the day.. well those leggings it is really hard to tell and they were under a dress, so.. ;)


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