Jul 16, 2018

Life This Week 16/7/2018: What Is Courage?

Courage feels and looks beautiful.

Courage is hitting rock bottom or seeing that worst fear materialise and then living to see the next day and the day after that. Often the days are filled with nothing fancy, special or heroic but the very fact that breaths are being taken and feet are being placed in front of each other is enough.

Courage is doing things that scare you as often as you can.

Courage is holding your head high and not being afraid of being different in how you look or think.

Courage is taking the plunge and knowing that you'll swim, not sink.

Courage is putting the past behind you and looking forward to bigger and better things.

Courage is exploring new places as a solo traveller.  A fun kind of courage to have, I find.

Courage is stepping out of your comfort zone.

Courage is putting the pieces back together no matter how painful the process may be. 

Courage is learning new things.

Courage is embracing the unscripted and the imperfect.

Courage is not fearing solitude because in this world, you never are truly alone.

Courage is letting go and setting free.

Jul 14, 2018

Coffee 'Art', Beetroot Cake, Other Things and ... The Quick Flick.

I know, I know.  You've read the title of this post and you're here at paragraph one for The Quick Flick bit.

Can't she just start with her review already?

Sorry.  But I have so much (mildly interesting stuff) to discuss first.

Like how I made my very own tornado coffee 'art' in the froth of my fake skinny cap this morning.

And how I drove all the way to my favourite swimming pool in full 'trip to the aquatic centre on a really cold morning in winter' garb only to discover that I'd left my bathers at home.  Solution?  Bite the bullet and purchase a new pair from the pool's shop.  I actually really like that fluorescent orange trim.  I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't wear my beanie on the way home due to my wet hair.

And also how I was a bit hasty in judging those Mirenesse Thermal Hair Masks.  Turns out they work a treat if you rinse the treatment out of your hair completely under the shower rather than doing a rush job of it with your head over the bathtub while fully clothed.  After attempt number two with these masks, my hair is much softer and glossier.  The effect has also endured after a subsequent swim in a chlorinated pool (the swim where I was wearing those dayglo new bathers, see above).

One more.

I've also baked.  Did you know beetroot makes for an excellent chocolate cake?  It adds a lovely textured earthiness to the cake.  

I used this recipe from Taste.com which I love because it was a one pan, melt and mix affair.  The maple syrup was an interesting addition to the list of ingredients but it worked for me.  Goes without saying that you must make the dark chocolate ganache that accompanies the cake recipe. The cake was a huge hit at my work morning tea.

That's about it with the minutiate.  Are you ready / still awake?

My thoughts on The Quick Flick winged eyeliner sets.....

The Quick Flick is the idea of 23 year old Perth girl, Iris Smit.  She came up with the idea to save time on her eye makeup in the morning.  She took the idea to Shark Tank and won $300 000 funding and the wisdom of her mentor Andrew Banks.  The vast majority of The Quick Flick's sales are still from her website. Huda Beauty picked up on her idea and through this, the market for these sets of left and right eyeliner pens has found a huge following in the Middle East.

I recently purchased a combo set of the Modest (10mm flick) and Grand (12mm flick) eyeliners using a 10% off promo code I found on Instagram.  A single set costs $34.99 AUD, a pair $59.99 and a triple $89.99.  The original colour is Intense Black with Hot Fudge having just recently been released.

The packaging is super glam and I did feel a bit special opening my pink and gold box.  A detailed instruction card accompanied my order.  Key points to remember are that pens should be stored in the horizontal and that because the product is oil based, good priming of the eye area is key before application.

As I mentioned earlier, there are two pens in a set.  The 'flick stamp' end of each pen is specific for your left and right eyes.

The other end of each pen delivers liquid eyeliner via a standard felt tip that is firm enough for you to have excellent control of the product as you line.  The barrels are wide and easy to hold.  The lids for both ends of the pen snap closed easily and aren't a pain to uncap.

A blurred photo of the grand sized felt tip eyeliner.

 Photos trying to show you the 'wing stamp' shape of the other end.

This one's a bit better.

First impressions

  • Great website which was easy to navigate with lots of feedback from customers as well as instructional videos.  The Quick Flick Instagram account is a fun follow that's full of pink, wit and photos of everyday users of the pens.
  • Beautifully presented product with very clear tips and instructions.
  • The pens are a solid make but not to heavy.  They are all very clearly labelled with their size and also which end is which making it easy to use them first thing in the morning.
  • While The Quick Flick is an Australian idea and design, the make up is made in China.
  • There was no discernible fragrance.
  • Colours available are currently Intense Black and Hot Fudge.
  • The felt tip ends appear to be the same width regardless of the size of the matching wing size.
Road testing

  • I'd like to preface my review by saying that I suck at winged eyeliner.  I've had years of sporadic practice at trying to understand my hooded Asian eyelids and the fact that I am better at making up my right eyelid than my left.  Over time, while I'm now better at doing my left eye, the perfect wing still alludes me.  I've improvised now and usually just go for a darkly lined look that flares upward at the outer corner of each eye.
  • With regards to my usual technique, I've mashed together the advice of about one hundred YouTube video tutes.  I start with dark eyeshade and tightline my inner eyelid with a pencil.  I then follow this line with my liquid eyeliner.
  • Because of the anataomy of eyelids and the need to 'colour in' and fill spaces with eyeliner, the Petite (8mm) is probably not going to show up much on my eyes which is why I chose the larger sizes.
These are the primers I'm currently using and loving as part of my makeup routine.  I'll spare you photos of my actual collection - they've all got fingerprints all over them.

Becca's Backlight Priming Filter ($65 AUD at Adore) which I use with the rather pricy Ellis Faas Skin Veil.  I credit this Becca Primer with saving this foundation from the bin because it wears and looks so much better with the beneift of this light, subtle but very effective miracle worker.

BECCA Backlight Priming Filter

Image result for becca backlight primer

Hourglass Light Correcting Primer in Dim Light ($64 AUD at Mecca) which I use with Two Faced Born This Way, it's a bit matte and this primer helps it stay on more evenly.

Image result for hourglass dim light liquid

NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow base ($38 AUD at Mecca) is the best I've tried.  It applies easily and really does intensify eyeshadow colour and improve its longevity.

Image result for nars eyeshadow base

My first go with the Modest (10mm) set:

  • pretty close to perfect with the 'good' left eyelid.  I followed the instructions of lining, ending the line with a bit of a square. Then I opened my eyes and placed the stamp on the edge of my square.  Bingo!
  • my 'dodgy' right eyelid is a work in progress.  The pen worked well across my eyelid but as anticipated, my right eye flick was not good.  Not a disaster just not really visible.  I'm still experimenting with where to place the wing stamp and also if I should do so with eyes open or closed.  I might even just have to use the Grand 10mm tip on this eye instead.
  • the eyeliner dried quickly with no transfer.  
  • I didn't get a dramatic wing but it's enough for me to wear during the day to work.
  • the black was deep but not as intense as I'm used to with my cheap-o Maybelline felt tip and L'Oreal wind up eyeliner pencils.
My first go with the Grand (12mm) set.

  • it's a miracle, it all went textbook for BOTH my eyelids!!!!!
  • I lined then stamped as per the instructions, the stamp flick went on with my eyes open.
  • I only had to do a little filling in of my eyeliner to join it up with the flick (double and hooded lids).
  • the flicks were visible and even but not over the top.
  • they've lasted all day at work.
  • nothing has flaked off and gotten under my contacts.


  • I'm a happy customer.  The Quick Flick is a unique product that delivers what it promises.  I would definitely repurchase these when they run out.
  • These pens definitely make quicker work of eyeliner application in the morning but if you do have a tricky eye and eyelid shape, you'll need to have an understanding of how to adapt the winged eyeliner to your particular eyes and face before getting the full benefit of these pens.  For me, this means colouring in a bit more of my left right eyelid and shaping the flick differently to the original instructions for these pens.
  • If you're like me and have tricky eyelids which require you to do a lot of filling in and illusion creating, start with either the Modest or Grand sizes.  I think Grand is the size for me from now on.
  • It's such a simple and effective look that my holiday eye makeup packing is going to be minimalist for my next trip.  Stay tuned about that one, it's in the planning stages and I am so excited already....
  • I was never a believer in dollars makeup primers but I have now seen the light.  Thanks to some great samples from Sephora and Mecca.
  • I am eagerly awaiting The Quick Flick's next move.  Please may it be mascara that delivers volume and curl?  Pretty please?
Have you tried The Quick Flick?

Have makeup samples from stores inspired you to splash out for the full size?

Jul 12, 2018

Lovin' Life 12/7/2018: Perth Is (More Than) Okay.

Perth, you're okay.  You're more than okay.  

You're fresh air, wide open spaces and a sky whose colour and texture changes with the breeze.

You're sleek new finds

and proud terraces houses reminding a recently upmarket suburb of its working class roots.

You're new trees that line the perimeter of purposefully built apartments, offices and train stations

but you're also delicately tall pine trees and manicured potted trees that dress the courtyards of repurposed sandstone cottages.

You are childhood memories reinvented.

I have fond memories of visiting the Fremantle markets after weekend swimming lessons and later on whilst on breaks from clinical attachments at the hospital up the road.

The rainbow coloured balloons, bunting and hammocks of my memories still festoon the wrought iron detailed verandahs surrounding the market building.

But the treatss inside have definitely referenced more recent fads and fashions, including the ubiquitous unicorn.

Seen here as the inspiration for a flavour of fudge.

The honey layer cake further along inside was proving a huge hit with market goers.

I couldn't find the Indian paisley printed, white fringed scarves we treasured as highschoolers back in the day but this wall of metallic knit scarves had me imagining the highschoolers of 2018 trawling the market for affordable accessories just as we did decades ago.

The adjacent food court is probably where we should have stopped for lunch initially rather than vainly looking for MacDonalds (it shut years ago, I'm told) before settling for Hungry Jacks (no comment).

Levi's is the bomb dot com when it comes to classic doughnuts.  It's worth the five-minute wait for a piping hot jam-filled doughnut.

Clutched in my now hot little hands (winter can be brutal, even in Perth), I wandered the other stalls as the jam in my doughnut cooled to a more comfortable temperature.

You can 'milk' these cows in the laneway outside the markets.

They were a huge hit with the children.

But Perth will first and foremost always be about family for me.  Firsts, new beginnings, happy memories remembered and new ones created.

Love you, Perth.


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