Jan 10, 2018

Back From Holidays.

Well, that didn't take long.

For things to get busy again, I mean.  Work, the traffic, public transport, the line for self check-out at the supermarket... 

Sydney is officially back from holidays.

I was possibly in a bit of denial about this when I decided to wear this summery white frock to work on Monday.  I bought it last year from a J Crew outlet and it's taken me this long to get enough of a tan and be on top of my mum duties to be able to wear it confident that it wouldn't find itself covered in something mysterious and indelible by day's end.

The weather's not been coping too well with this sudden jolt back into reality either.  Both the rain and the thunder have been passionate this week.  Which has meant that my beloved Instagram worthy (subjective, I know) morning runs in the great outdoors have come to an abrupt end.  I've had to take it back to the gym.

Silver linings, though.  I got to wear my new Lulu leggings.  The ones with a super high (and supportive waist) made of the softest fabric I ended up wearing them well past gym o'clock.  For reference they're the 'Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise' in 'Full-On Luon'.  Run, don't walk.  They were part of the Lulu Boxing Day sale and if you're quick you might just find your size.

The rain does make things look pretty, though.  Who would've thought those yellow rental bikes that have begun to litter the most inconvenient and dangerous places around Sydney could look so pretty against the rain-slicked pavement?  It does help that someone had the initiative and civic-mindedness to round them all up an then line them up just so.

T2 have a new grapefruit tea.  I couldn't really taste the grapefruit when I tried it.

But I think it's got more to do with the fact that I was sipping my skinny cap while I was being offered a taste test.

I've finally had it with liquid liquid paper.  It crusts around the neck of its bottle making it hard to get out but when you do finally get some onto your page, it takes forever to dry.

So I've revisited liquid paper tape for the first time in a few years.  So far, so good.  You really can just go ahead and write straight onto it!  Aren't these great times to be alive? 

Other things I've been writing straight onto are school socks.  Hope my printing doesn't get judged by the teaches at Kinder.

I haven't attacked the school bag yet.  I have hazy memories of liquid paper and nail polish being used back in the day but apparently, novelty key rings and luggage tags are the go these days.

I'm on the lookout for a Lego light up key ring for Master SSG.  Great idea for helping him find things in the darkest recesses of his new school bag.  It's approximately his size, actually.  I hope he'll be able to wear it without toppling over.

I've actioned the fabulous Faux Fuchsia's suggestion of creating a section of the wardrobe exclusively for school uniforms.

I found these collapsible storage cubes at Kmart for $5.  That's all.  $5 for a set of three. 

I've just got a few lunch box related things to order and some final emails to send and that's it.  I'm as prepared as I can be for life as a school mum.    And I'm also free to get myself organized for the trip in ... 11 (!!) days.

Until next time.


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  1. Sorry about the poor weather changing your plans! It's good you can just switch to the gym instead :)
    I love your little white dress, I've added a white tee to my wardrobe but I manage to get marks on my pastel pink shorts every single time I wear them so I think a white dress is a bit further off for me, haha!

    If you haven't found the lego keychain yet, my local post office had quite a few when I was in there just before Christmas! :)


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