Jan 31, 2018

Back Home. School Begins.

I'm taking a little break from LA today and I can hear your collective sighs of relief from here.  Don't get lulled into a false sense of security though, I still have so much to discuss.

There hasn't exactly been a lot of time for jetlag since coming home Sunday morning.  I find the Sydney summer humidity a struggle usually but it was surprisingly refreshing to have it feel it hit my face with the subtlety of a brick wall when I heaved my trolley out of the airport and over to the taxi rank.

That first cup of tea at home is always a good one.

Last minute school mum errands have been ticked off the list.  Officeworks have a good supply of the Lego LED keyrings that the school mums of Instagram recommend as a practical schoolbag charm.

I've embraced 'proper' coffee with both arms but the trade-off has been losing Target USA for its less exciting local subsidiary.  While you can have everything, you just can't have it all at the same time, I guess.

But perhaps most momentously, school has happened.  It's been a bewildering few days as I've read and reread official school emails, diarized where I need to be and negotiated the extreme driving and walking conditions that are the school's sprawling compound when it's just about time for term to commence.  

Starting school as a parent hasn't just been about the emotional side of seeing that newborn you gingerly placed in his safety capsule fresh out the hospital five years ago now able to clamber into his car seat on his own after miraculously not toppling over when he put on his school backpack.  It's been about entering a completely different world that's vaguely familiar from when you were a child but also completely new territory on account of you now being at school in the role of a parent.  The parking and driving situation, adjusting to the relatively brief hours of the school day, the more rigid structure of school days as opposed to daycare and preschool.  It's been a lot to absorb 

There weren't any tears on the day.  Master SSG found his locker, dropped off his morning tea in the class basket and strode into his classroom.

Desks were found and the room explored.  I've been following a few school teacher accounts on Instagram and it amazes me to see just how much work teachers put into their classrooms before the start of the year.  Wall space has to be planned and decorated, reading corners created, banners and props sourced, the laminating of custom-made stationery.  I have even more respect for all of you seeing this passion and enthusiasm in making learning relevant to the specific group of children that will be in your class in the coming year.  Thank you, our children are so lucky to have you in their lives.  

I'm also hoping to pick up a few handwriting tips as I help Master SSG over the next few years.  I might have to make copies of worksheets for my own use....

Master SSG's first day of school was also special for us because my mother and aunty were able to be here for it.  They met our kindergarten teacher and in their usual way ended up getting to know a whole new circle of parents and staff in the time it took me to settle Master SSG in his classroom and make sure he didn't lose his school cap on the first day.

We spent the last day of the school holidays doing some favourite things. Starting with a bit of public transport travel.

The harbour was looking stunning as usual.

There's always room and time for gelato at Messina.

We visited Hobbyco in the QVB for a look at their constantly changing and lovingly maintained model train window.  We then went instore for the first time.  It was fascinating seeing all the components necessary for assembling a 'grown ups' model railway as opposed to the much loved toy trains and tracks that are currently set up on the floor at home.

From miniature cars to people, Hobbyco has it all.  The love of model trains seems universal with the store's customers being of all ages and walks of life.

I hadn't realized that many model trains are sold just as unpainted pieces that must be put together then meticulously painted.  Worlds away from the relatively easy task of assembling Lego and its richly detailed plastic brick components.

Master SSG wasted no time in finding the Brio table.  There were many Brio sets I hadn't seen anywhere else in Australia.  I'll have to return for Christmas, I think.

How has the start of the school year been for you?


  1. I'm glad the start of school has gone so well for you! Our first day of kindy was uneventful, until today when we got the call that someone had jammed a paintbrush in my little one's ear, sigh. Hopefully next week is a bit smoother!

  2. It's so stressful when your kids transition from kindy to school but I'm glad it went smoothly. I think I was more traumatized than my son when he started school!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  3. It sounds like you're as organised as you can be to get off to a good start.

  4. Oh the sweet and challenging times of school starting and new routines needing to be sorted. Wishing you well. It IS a big deal. Thank you for joining in #lifethisweek 6/52. Next week's optional prompt is "Who's a Worrier?".

  5. Such an exciting but emotional time SSG. I remember both my children's first day at school - my daughter cried and so did I and my son just wanted to go on the bus with his sister - no tears except from Mum! Another milestone in the life of mother and child xx


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