Jan 27, 2018

LA Story #4: DTLA. The Griffith Observatory.

Shimmer and glitter.  It's everywhere.  Maybe it's this Californian sun or maybe it's the endless walls of mirrors that all the buildings downtown appear to be constructed from but this is a photo straight off my phone from yesterday morning.

The Ritz Carlton, JB Marriott, Staples Center and the Microsoft Theatre in DTLA.

No filter.  Just DTLA aka Downtown Los Angeles.  It almost needs to be a filter in its own right.

Construction and reinvention is a big part of life here at the moment.  The soundtrack of Figueora Street is the roaring and grinding of cranes and trucks as yet more gleaming towers look set to rise from the rubble.

Despite all this and all the cars, those skies have remained this glorious smog-free blue.

Could this be a Target billboard?  I think so. More, much more in a post coming up soon.

My mission to eat my body weight in blackberries before I leave has had a boost from this deal at Ralph's Downtown.

Ambrosia, January's apple of the month is crispy with a little tang.  Two thumbs up from me.

Today's LA In A Day photos are of The Griffith Observatory which sits on Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park.  Griffith J. Griffith donated the land as well as funds to build this observatory and a theatre (The Greek) within the grounds.

Huga Ballin murals in the ceiling of the W. M. Keck Foundation central rotunda.

Admission is free for all and it's well worth a visit both for the beauty of the building and the views of the Hollywood Basin and downtown from the verandahs.  It's also one of the closest points from which the public may view that famously and recently restored HOLLYWOOD sign.

via Google images

As a diehard fan of 'La La Land', the observatory visit was the highlight of the daytrip for me.

To think that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling stood where I did by the gently swinging Foucault Pendulum...

I'll confess right here that I did a quick walkthrough of the exhibits (mustn't ruin the surprise for when I return with Master SSG one day, you see) because I just wanted to get outside and take in the views and also to just gaze at the building in the sun.

Looking out to Downtown LA and the LA Basin.

A telescope peeking out from one of the domes.  Those colours!

That's HOLLYWOOD some way into the distance.

And that's a bust of James Deans somewhat closer.

It was beautiful just sitting in the sun on the front lawn taking it all in.

I couldn't think of a nicer place to be for a spot of cheesecake eating, can you?


  1. I suspect most fans may have a different favourite movie or tv show that used that particular location.

    Mine is a little known but quite terrible movie by the name of Bowfinger, in which Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin were fairly hilarious in my opinion but not necessarily the opinion of others.

    If I look at it with my critical movie brain, it is genuinely quite bad but it never fails to make me laugh. I suspect that is more thanks to the comedians involved, who could probably make a reading of the phone book funny. :)

    IMDB tells me over 120 titles have this as a filming location. :) Everything from a Paula Abdul film clip to Beverley Hills 90210, Melrose Place, 24, Angel, NCIS Los Angeles and one of my current favourites, Lethal Weapon the tv series..

    I am a big filming location nerd though, so maybe it is just me. ;)

  2. Oh while I haven't seen La La Land I have seen many bloggers take photos at the Observatory, it's such a beautiful spot! nice to see you were able to go.

    And I agree, the no-filter photos are stunning!


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