Jan 15, 2018

Life This Week 15/1/2018: Favourite Weather.

My most favourite weather?  That's a no-brainer. Summer.  In Sydney.

Hand on heart, here's something to love about every aspect of a Sydney summer.

That cool change at the end of a sweltering day.  A little reward for surviving the oppressive heat of the day with good grace.  If it's been a humid hot kind of day, there's always a cooling but drenching rain to cool things down.  If it's been drier, we're always obliged with a good breeze - best felt on the water's edge with like-minded summer lovers.

Sand and water between your toes are good any time of the day.

Ditto playing on the beach.

Or on that bit of the beach that's practically in the water.

Don't get me started on summer mornings. Best experienced on the tail end of a run. Sorry about all these running references.  I've fallen in love with outdoor running again and my passion for it is currently at the 'born again' level.

Those picture perfect, stereotypical ones.

Those cloudy ones that promise a dumping of rain the moment you get in the front door from your run  (if you're lucky). Those clouds add mystery to the skyline and a bit of moisture to that dawn air that's all the better for running in.

I just love summer mornings.

I've yet to meet a summer morning that I haven't loved.  It's that promise of an early sunrise and a long, light-filled day to follow.  Those hours of daylight make me feel that much more productive and efficient regardless of what actually gets done that day.

But to have just one favourite season in this fabulous city is like being a mother to four children and only loving one.  It's impossible.  I love this city and I love it through all its four seasons.

The crunchy leaves of autumn and those golden days we get before winter sets in.

Our relatively mild winters that feature just enough 'chilly' days to make the wearing of floor length wool coats appropriate but not too many of those days to make winter dressing a drudgery.

We're also close enough to Canberra to make it possible to drive over and experience their relatively brutal wintery days.

 And then there's the snow fields.

I don't even mind the rains of autumn and winter that much.

Clomping around in gumboots and slowing down a bit on account of the weather isn't always a bad thing.

The spring rolls around except it's technically spring-summer because you find yourself with these glimpses of summer in from around October.

Beautiful blooms line the grocery stores

and they festoon favourite cafes.

There's a general sense of anticipation in the air of springtime in Sydney because summer proper is just around the corner.  

And we all know how perfect summers in Sydney are....

Do you have a favourite season or kind of weather?  Do you find the joy in all seasons?


  1. What you said! you make the weather sound so poetic.

  2. I'm ok with most seasons though spring and autumn are the best. I get a bit worn down because of heat towards the end of summer though!

  3. I don't miss the extremes we used to get in Western Sydney - all those 40+ days...yuck. But I do miss the southerly busters when we used to open the windows and let the cooler air rush through the house and clean it all out.

  4. Oh I loved this SSG. Being from Sydney and having left there 30 years ago you always make me want to revisit. In school holidays during summer, we would catch the bus to the city then the ferry to Manly or as we lived on the northside we would catch the bus to Balmoral Beach. Such beautiful days and the southerly buster that came in after a stinking hot day. Thanks for the memories and have a beautiful week.

  5. Proximity to a pool or air con changes my views of my favourite season, haha! I love summer, with the hot days and the frequent storms to cool everything off, but without aircon or the pool I'd pick autumn or spring, as they are a little more bearable with the heat! In saying that though, we had a cool change blow in last night after the heatwave and 30 degrees is just the perfect temp to enjoy the sunshine and warmth, I'm loving the weather today!

  6. Summer tends to be too hot for me! I prefer the weather of Spring and Autumn.


  7. I'm not a fan of winter but I enjoy all the other seasons. I'm not liking the humidity in Sydney the past couple of years; until then, summer used to be one of my faves!

  8. How lovely was this trip through the seasons from your camera. I love that you are enjoying outdoor running again. You have a most splendid track along with water in your hood! This was a delight to read and view!!
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 3/52. Next week's optional prompt is "What is Kindness?"

  9. Gorgeous! And me too, I loooove summer, as long as I can escape the heat when I need to.

  10. I seriously want to move to Australia now! It's a beautiful country. The only downside would my yearly visits to Disney (then again, it may be an excuse to come back to the States, even if it's temporary).


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