Jan 8, 2018

Life This Week 8/1/2018: Word Or Intention For 2018.

This time away from work and my usual time pressured daily routine has done me a world of good in so many ways.  The first and most obvious one has been its gift of time.  Time to relax, time to drift along during the day and not feel guilty about the nothingness that some parts of the day end up being and also time to reflect on how the last year has played out and what, if anything, needs to change for 2018.

The good things about 2017, its predictability and steadiness were also its limitations with regard to my personal development and growth.  I've coasted along, made excuses for the way I've dealt with challenges and let things slide for the sake of convenience and 'less stress'.  Paradoxically, I've also felt good about 'how busy' I've been and 'how much' I get done each day.  It's been some kind of invisible badge of honour I've worn with a certain degree of (foolish) pride for the last year or so if not longer.

Unsurprisingly, something had to give and this summer has allowed me to identify what these things are.  I've noticed that I'm very impatient these days.  I've also allowed myself to be distracted by the charms of social media and the internet in general when what I should actually be is more present in the situation at hand.  Distraction can be the answer at times if it helps diffuse emotions and prevent rash actions but it's not the answer all of the time.

Which brings me to my intention for 2018.  To be more present in my world.  In all of it.  Not just the nice, fun and feel good parts but also in the hard, ugly and challenging parts that have to be gone through and not avoided.

Some practical actions I plan to implement this year are:

  1. Streamlining how I blog.  A maximum of three posts per week and for those to be written on my days off rather than eating into precious family time.  I'm hoping that this will also improve my content and spare you too many of the boring details of my rather repetitive daily life.  All bets are off when I'm away solo in all those exciting new cities for work, though....
  2. Limiting those evening trips down the rabbit hole that casual browsing on my phone become after a hard day at work / adulting in general / parenting.  Persisting with no phones at the table.  Keeping casual scrolling for the darkness of preschooler / big school kid bedtime.  A work in progress.
  3. Periodically logging out of Facebook and Instagram on my phone.  I need to keep Twitter at all times, though because that's often the most efficient way of keeping up to speed with current affairs.  Both of the political and celebrity persuasions.
How about you?  Is 2018 going to be a year where you'll be reworking your relationship with the interwebs?


  1. I'm doing a little streamlining too this year - to balance work, blogging & writing. I find that of late I'll blog rather than write - it's becoming another tool for procrastination. Procrastiblogging I call it.

  2. I can't even imagine blogging more than twice a week. You're a machine! I can hardly keep up with two a week. So my plan this year is to be a bit more organised with my blogging. I've bought myself a diary so that I can plan out posts in advance. This way I'll actually interview people with plenty of time to spare and won't have to scramble to write an entirely new post at the last minute.
    Apart from that I'm hoping to somehow grow my blog... still no idea how, but, you know... something will come to me ;)

  3. I totally agree SSG about getting caught up in the world of Social Media and last year I tried to step back more often than before. My word is Thrive and that is hopefully what I'm going to encourage others to do as well. By the way, I love your garden area. I've been wanting to do this for a while so I'm inspired to make a start after seeing your photo. Happy new Year to you and your family SSG!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  4. I do not have any social media installed on my phone at all. I find if I limit myself to browsing that on my laptop, it allows me to be more present when out in the world.

    I also do not twitter like normal people, I bookmark the pages of people I follow and open them in new tabs, and I only do that on my laptop. I do not want Twitter deciding what I can see and when I can see it.

    You probably are not as impatient as you think, and if you really want to see impatient you should go shopping for new phones with my parents, who I have taken twice to the store with no actual new phones as a result. I am beginning to despair that I will ever manage to get them to stay in the store long enough to get phones!

  5. I am in the sense that I'm reworking my blog and how I relate to it. Something had to give, I feel like last year was lost to me in a blur of ineffective busyness. I'm going to take your tip about logging out of these apps on my phone sometimes, more of the Facebook variety than Instagram, and see if it clears some space. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  6. I've been busy too and too busy living to blog.
    I miss the connections so I'll step back in a little more reading than contributing to my blog though.
    All the best .

  7. If we spent the time scrolling our phone instead on interacting meaningfully IRL with other humans, we'd be gold.

  8. I've bought a planner and am now putting aside an hour at the weekend at least to sit without social media and use pen and paper.

  9. You are to be commended for your observations. I know that as soon as I either go too much into the 'future' or back to the 'past' I am not honouring the now. I do this better than I did but today I was not feeling my more present self and it was partly to do with too much past/future stuff. None of which as we know...we cannot control. I find TOO much social media scrolling is bad for my mental equilibrium and now that I recognise this, I do stop. I still like it but not if it starts me down the FOMO path! Great plans ahead for you blogging wise and it will be good to see how it works out for you. I know I was able to but in some ways twice a week is a little light on for me now so I may add a 3rd day. I shall see. Nothing is set in concrete! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 2/52. Next week's optional prompt: My Favourite Weather.

  10. Sometimes 3 posts a week is a struggle for me - I'm so lucky that given the nature of my blog I can schedule posts in advance. After my digital detox a while back I cut back on insta/phone browsing time. It crept back up again with baby boy's need to be patted to sleep for almost a year, I stuck my phone under the cot to browse as I spent hours patting, ha! I've been using it much less again now though. It's good to have that little sanity break and browse something 'grown up' but it's just not worth it as the boys want to see what I'm doing on it whenever I have it out!

    Good luck with your technology resolutions this year! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  11. Ooooh, PRESENT! I like that intention. Being more present. Good one.

  12. That's a great intention for the year! I think we all struggle to be present in this day and age and sometimes I wonder whether it's the reason why the days and years seem to be flying by. I hope you are able to be more present in 2018!


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