Jan 6, 2018


What I lack in speed I make up for with my childlike enthusiasm for pounding the pavement along that runs along New South Head Road.  My friend C is trying to convince me to run a half marathon this year but I don't know.  I love the solitude of runs.  I need my space.  I get a bit panicked as it is when people (everyone, actually) streak ahead of me on my home stretch.

It was another spectacular sunrise this morning.  The seagulls were out as were the sailors as the tides began to recede.  It's just a shame that dozens of plastic water bottles were left in their wake along the beach.  Why we can't all treat our planet with more respect is beyond me.

I borrowed this view of the harbour from over someone's side gate at around my 7K mark.  Will you look at that ombre sky?

It was the end of an era for the SSG family this week.  It was Master SSG's last day of preschool.  There were tears (mine) and a grimace in every photo I took (Master SSG).  I'll always be grateful for all the care and attention we received over the last couple of years at our centre and it's going to be hard walking past that front door without feeling a little twinge of nostalgia.  But onwards we go to the new adventures of school life.  In all of three and a bit weeks time....

Something else that's on the horizon is my little trip across to LA.  It promises to be more cultural than any trip I've made in recent memory.  My hotel is in downtown LA and is on the doorstep of The Broad Museum (some of its sculptures can actually be accessed from the hotel... will definitely post a photo or two) and the Museum of Contemporary Art isn't too far either.  However, Instagram has told me that map appearances in LA are deceiving.  Everything appears closer than it is and the traffic is more epic than Sydney's.

What's that?  Not a peep about my shopping plans?  It's all under control.  I'll be heading beyond the city limits to Camarillo for a couple of days for that.

It's forecast to be rather cool in LA these next few weeks.  A refreshing change to Sydney's current heat.  However, it's proving to be a challenge for me to make any decisive plans for what I'll be wearing outside the hotel gyms.  At least my skincare is pretty much sorted thanks to this grab bag of samples and freebies I've assembled from my stash.

It wouldn't be early January in Australia without a reference to when hot cross bun season begins at Coles and Woolies (bakeries tend to be more sensible and restrained with their HCB debut).  It took me until January 3 to see these at the supermarket.  I've heard this is relatively late compared to others who have seen hot cross buns on the shelves at their local supermarket since just before New Years...

And it took until January 4 for buns to cross the threshold of SSG Manor 2.0.  It wasn't me, though.  It was my brother who brought them in.  In a moment of weakness, I caved and tried these brioche style hot cross buns.  They're seriously good.  I think they'll make the final cut for my Easter long weekend bunathon.  I'm hoping to pair them with a chocolate based variety as well.

How's your 2018 been so far?

Eaten your first hot cross bun yet?


  1. We bought the hot cross buns right after Christmas. Usually we have a set in the last week of December, then we ignore them for a while unless they are in my face when I go shopping. :)

  2. I'm still confused by the early appearance of hot cross buns, but I haven't spotted any in person at my local Woolies yet. Relaxing and eating lots of leftovers has been our main occupation these past couple weeks, haven't had to go out since the big pre-Christmas food shop!


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