Feb 27, 2018

Autumn Is Inevitable.

Autumn was always going to happen.  As was the last weekend of the summer.

The rain's set in here in Sydney and it looks set to stay for a few days at least.  Though things generally still look good on paper with sunny days ahead bringing maximums in the mid-twenties, those mid-twenties feel cooler than they did a few weeks back.  It's taking longer for the mornings to warm up while the afternoons are cooling off more quickly.

There's already been a gradual shift to the great indoors.  Those early hours of my days off have been spent sipping mugs of tea and taking in a few pages of an absorbing read whereas in the spring summer I would have been pounding the sidewalk up and down the bays where I live.  My read of the moment is an instalment of Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache crime series.  There's something about those simultaneously larger than life yet still rivers running deep residents of Three Pines and the seemingly senseless murders that seem to just happen there with alarming frequency.  Between you and me, my dodgy knee and twingy back are just a little excited about the change of pace in the mornings.

The wet weather of the weekend was perfect for baking with Master SSG.

His chef's hat is courtesy of Devondale who are currently running a promotion with Woolworths.  The purchase of any two Devondale products entitles you to a junior baker's gift set which contains this chef's hat with an adjustable crown, a set of measuring spoons (perfect to teach the practical applications of fractions with... home learning has begun for us and its subject matter is far-ranging....).

We made Fruit Cornflake Biscuits from this cookbook from the AWW.

via Google images

Sorry, it's the best image I could find online of the cover.

The ingredients looked promising on paper.  Both chopped dates and sultanas provided the fruit factor, brown sugar the golden sweetness as well as some tropical nuttiness courtesy of the desiccated coconut.

Master SSG put his heart and soul into crushing the cornflakes.

But sadly, the biscuits weren't the butter cake-like version of my childhood. 

I'm going to have to hunt a little harder for the recipe for more cakey cornflake biscuits but in the meantime, morning tea for school is pretty much done and dusted for the rest of the term.

This is the time of the year that steaming takeaway coffees are beginning to provide me with not just caffeine but also a little warmth for my cold hands.

We're starting to pull out track pants and jeans from our wardrobes and wearing them with socks and trainers.

I know I'm calling it early but I do believe I've discovered my beverage for autumn / winter 2018 thanks again to @wangirls (whom incidentally, also introduced me to my crime writer of the season).  There's no other way to describe T2's Singapore Breakfast tea than delicious.  A tribute to kaya toast, it's a mixture of black and green teas with added flavour and depth from coconut and pandan leaves.  It's wonderfully fragrant thanks to the coconut and pandan while also managing to translate this scent into a warming but also soothing brew.  I was afraid the tea would be all sweetness and overpowering scent more than anything else but the end result has been a joy to drink each morning. 

Taste.com have a strong collection of soup recipes and I made their pumpkin and chive soup for dinner on Saturday.  Except I didn't have chives so had to substitute parsley instead.  It's the simplest pumpkin soup I've made but it was also the most delicious.  All you need is pumpkin, potato, onion, garlic, chicken stock, sour cream, chives/parsley and seasoning.  I'm not a fan of nutmeg or anything too complicated in my pumpkin soup so this recipe is definitely going to get repeated frequently over the next few months.

With the change of season has come the need to look at my wardrobe with a fresh eye.  I've identified a few gaps but the question is, do I really need to fill them?

I think a couple of silk blouses would work well with what I have.  This Trenery version is around $180 AUD though.  Far too much for my workwear budget.  I have heard great things about the silk shirts from online giants Everlane and Grana.  Through my research, I've also discovered a couple of fabulous Australian fashion blogs that are very much on my wavelength in terms of style as well as being very informative in their reviews of clothing by Everlane and Grana.  I intend to discuss this all in more detail when I get around to placing my order.


A new leather biker jacket.  I get so tempted each autumn but the truth is, the jacket is like to spend more time looking timeless in my wardrobe than it would in real life on my shoulders.  I'm going to stop looking for now and wait for the next sale.

Unfortunately, I've already waited too long for this navy blue Mickey knit from Uniqlo.  Priced at $59 AUD, it's already sold out in my size online.  I'm gutted. It would've gone so well with the white skinnies I was intending to wear this autumn.  There's probably a law of fashion against the wearing of white denim in autumn but I choose not to recall it right now.

Are you excited that it's practically autumn?


  1. I've been excited for cooler weather and then the humidity has climbed up so by the afternoon I'm regretting the extra layer that seemed like such a good idea in the morning, haha! I'd welcome some proper autumn weather!

  2. Love the Mickey shirt! In the Southern parts of the U.S. it's a no no to wear white after Labor Day (the first Monday of September) for the fall and winter months and bring it out again for spring and summer. However, white does have a sneaky way of showing up in a outfit during the off seasons. Sometimes white is needed to break up whatever color scheme you're wearing at the time.


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