Feb 19, 2018

Life This Week 19/2/2018: February Is...

February is the shortest month of the year but also one of the busiest for me as I attempt to ease back into real-world busyness after a couple of months mostly away from it.

It's hard not to be in denial about routine and efficiency when the last month of summer has been as (mostly) stunning as it has been.  But duty calls.

It's been out first month of 'big school' and the routine is becoming more familiar.  I've been roped into doing all sorts of unusual things like finding our contributions to the sound table and then having to send them in with accompanying notes to explain the left of field object choices.

Valentines Day has come and gone.  Not a day I observe to any degree but I did pause to appreciate the handiwork of the fruit and veg team at Woolies this week.

Chinese New Year was (unsuprisingly) my preferred holiday of the month.

Noodles have been eaten for long life and prosperity, red packets have been given.

Master SSG and I did our customary lap of Circular Quay again this year in search of the giant New Year animals that are displayed each year.  In a novel twist, the Guide Dog Association invited schools, local businesses and celebrities to reimagine the Guide Dog coin donation boxes that most of us will remember fondly from childhood trips to the shops with our parents.

It was fascinating reading the brief notes that accompanied each dog and the boys each gave a donation via their favourite dog.

We then moved on to the Opera House forecourt to meet the giant cheong sam attired dog that stood guard at the steps.

It was an exercise in futility trying to get Master SSG and his bestie to pose and smile nicely for us.


The three inflated monkeys were also irresistable to the boys as they ran past them lightly punching their air filled limbs.

These silk lantern horses are a favourite of mine.  I enjoy visiting them each year.  Their location varies but they always lend a kind of stateliness to proceedings.

The pom pom fringed umbrella that tops the horses' carriage against the palm trees and blue sky just says summer to me as well.

A golden snake slithered under the railway line near Circular Quay station and a tiger lounged atop the ferry wharves a little further on.

The mice were looking ready to party and also to support Mardi Gras with pride.

Most locals probably cringe at the thought of visiting tourist Circular Quay on a regular basis but I love going to see the neverending parade of colour and celebration as well as the everchanging and endlessly different people that pound its cobblestoned and wrought iron fenced walkway.

With autumn just around the corner, I've rebooted my hair and skin product regime courtesy of an indulgent order from Adore Beauty.  It was my Valentine's gift to self.  Expect a full report in a few weeks.

February's been a month for taking stock of my wardrobe.  I've taken a good long hard look at my wardrobe ahead of the new season and have decided that I love what I have.  That's possibly the first time you've heard those words from me.  Hopefully not the last time either.  Shoes have been sent in for repair because, again, I love what I have on my feet right now.

Other than that, I've just been getting through a list of little jobs that just need doing.

Rivetting things like getting more sticky tape rolls for my heavy duty desktop dispenser.  I had to step away from the very attractively priced eight roll pack.  Chances are the last few rolls would likely be yellow and desiccated by the time I get around to using them.

Clothes shopping was very restrained this month.  How could it not be after last month's trip and the pleasantly full suitcases that returned with me from LA.  Surprise.  I was back at Lulu Lemon this month.  But 'only' for two new black tank tops to replace a couple that were on their last legs.  It's still so hot and humid here, even in the morning so I reckon I'll still get plenty of wear out of them before the cooler weather sets in.  That was me justifying myself to me....

In shoe / fitness related news this month, I've given shoelaces the flick and invested in a few sets of Hickies laces.  They've changed my shoe wearing life.  I'll have no excuses to avoid wearing my Stans and Sky Hi-s this autumn because it's so much easier to put them on now without having to fiddle around with laces.  Yes, I am a grown woman but I'm also a bit lazy when it comes to weekend and after hours shoe wearing.  Expect a detailed post soon.  I knew that's why I got those Lulu tank tops.  To wear as I review the new shoe closure system I just adopted.  

I have @wangirls on Instagram to thank for introducing me to the work of crime fiction author Louise Penny this month.  I'm in the middle of reading 'Still Life', an Inspector Gamache novel.  Penny is a Montreal based crime fiction author who has won numerous awards for her writing.

I'm addicted to the way Penny writes.  Her world of crime fiction stands somewhere between Agatha Christie and Ruth Rendell for me.  Her prose is beautiful, her Inspector Gamache a solid man who's had his ups and downs but has ridden them out with steadiness and a dry sense of humour in the manner of Hercule Poirot.  The characters in the small Canadian where 'Still Life' is set are at once likeable but also hint at some under the skin dark energy that Ruth Rendell also gives to her characters.

What's February been like for you?


  1. I love the Lunar new year - Sydney's really gone to town this year! (see what I did there? Boomtish).

  2. Me too! When it comes to easing back into real-worldliness xo

  3. Gong xi fa cai, SSG.
    Those noodles are makin me hungry.

  4. I want a great pair of jeans for winter. I feel like it has been a few years since I've had a great pair and I think it's so easy to make jeans look good.

  5. Happy new year SSG! While our new year was devoid of our usual banquet at the cook (my father in law) decided to spend the new year at home overseas, the boys still got their red envelopes, so they were happy, haha! I really feel February is flying by too.

  6. What a lovely tribute to February through your eyes.

    I am a sucker sentimentally for Circular Quay and it has not changed in many ways since my first visit as a child in the 1950s. The end of the wharves, the ferries coming to and fro and the people, some who have never been here before.

    The day before my surgery 2 weeks ago I made Circular Quay my goal after finally getting to Dymocks for my art books and I wondered at it over and over. Of course I did a ferry trip (round one to the Zoo) and marvelled at the never ending scenes but that places like to Opera House and the Bridge never fail to delight me. The one thing I found hard was seeing the building where Dad worked almost demolished (Goldfields House) and then the next day or soon after it had a fire. Sad!
    Thank you for linking up to #lifethisweek 8/52. Next Week's Optional Prompt is Taking Stock - the list of word prompts is on the end of my Monday post.

  7. I can't believe your bub is in big school! I mean, wow. Time flies when you're having fun. And I hear you, February always turns into this mad hustle for me. Next year, I will be ready for it.


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