Feb 1, 2018

Lovin' Life 1/2/2018: On My Toes.

This week, I'm loving that my life is busy, full and a bit unpredictable at the moment.  I also feel very fortunate that I have the energy and the good health to be able to ride these waves that are reverberating through my life at the moment.  Sometimes you need a bit of a shakeup to rediscover that zest for life and I'm happy to report that I'm lovin' life even more than usual.

I started the week by touching down in Sydney without an ounce of jetlag.

LA, you were a kind and gracious host.  I was blessed with perfect weather, a great tour guide on my day trip, lots of access to my favourites on US television, fabulous food and most importantly - the kindness of all the Angelenos I met.  The man who gave me a shopping basket at Ralph's, another gentleman who prevented me from being rammed by a trolley at Target...  What is with me and shopping?

Our first week of school is progressing well so far. Master SSG's school seems just the right fit for him.  As a parent, I've found the school's efficiency as well as the friendliness of all the support staff a joy to experience.  Even my IT help desk experience wasn't as painful as they have been in other areas of my life.  Master SSG's teacher calls the boys in her class 'treasures' but she's also a treasure herself and the kindergarten class is very lucky to have her at the helm.

I went shopping for a princess for the first time at Target this week.  Not for an actual princess (though the birthday girl in questions is lovely) but to find a particular princess as a birthday gift.  After a bit of detective work reading each doll's packaging, I managed to find Belle.  I hope it's the right Belle...

The recent heat wave we've had in Sydney has taken its toll. It's been a struggle to get done all that I needed to this week.  That stockpile of icy poles in the freezer came in very handy.

Will the day ever come when denim houses stop being able to find new cuts to launch?  I can't keep up.

But it's now much cooler, there's even been a touch of rain.  Just the excuse I needed to break in a new pair of jeans from LA.  These skinny boyfriends are by 7 For All Mankind.  They were the first brand of designer jeans I bought almost 20 (!!) years ago and they're a brand I've only recently returned to. 

How's your week been?  An 'on your toes' kind of seven days or have they been a bit more low key?


  1. No jetlag! Wowsers! I loved your pics from LA in instagram. Glad the little mister is settling in well. I think kindergarten teachers are an extremely special breed.

  2. Oh wow lucky you having a trip to LA .. and no jetlag? How do you do that? I'm loving the look of those jeans. It's incredible isn't it how they keep coming up with new cuts and looks. Hope Master SSG settles into the school year well. Happy February! :-) xo #TeamLovinLife

  3. Oh man, skinny boyfriend jeans are my all time favourite shape! Enjoy that fresh pair. So good.

  4. Lucky you SSG with no jet lag and I'm so pleased you had a great time in LA. Your little one is growing fast and going to school is such a big step for both of you. Great to see that you and he are happy with the chosen school it makes such a difference. Have a great week!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  5. The no jetlag thing sounds great! I'm glad you've hit the ground running on your return home as it sounds as if you've needed to with the start of school etc...

    I wish it was cooler here in Qld. We're due for a few days of mid - high 20s though which will be nice as it's been stinking hot for a while. Bring on winter I say! ;-) #teamlovinlife

  6. LA looks like a wonderful place!

  7. Ooh how exciting re the jeans! It's so fun returning to a brand after so long!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  8. I'm on holidays so my past week has been very relaxing. LA is an amazing place to visit. #TeamLovinLife

  9. I was listening to a podcast the other day and it got me thinking about needing a pair of "to live in" jeans for winter. Wish I had your shopping skills cos I want them but don't want to go to any shops!

  10. So glad you were jet lag free, and that the adjustment to school is going well! We are having a suddenly cool couple of days here so the jeans are out too! :) Should pass pretty quickly though.

  11. How long is the flight from LA to Sydney? Anything with more than a five hour time difference and I am toast when it comes to jetlag so good on you. Sounds like a great trip.

  12. NO jetlag? No way. How did you manage that?? #teamlovinlife


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