Feb 13, 2018

The King's Cross Saturday Farmer's Market. The Pyrmont Bridge.

There's a silver in every technology-related rain cloud.

My shaky iPhone camera drama and the subsequent 'they want how much for the new iPhones?!?!' eyebrow raise have both made me dive into my spare things drawer in search of my DSLR.  Miraculously, it's in good working order and I still have all its lenses.  Unfortunately, I have lost its USB cable but $40(!!) later, that's been sorted out too.

It's been an interesting few days getting back into the routines and processes of using a 'proper' camera to take photos.  I'm enjoying being able to manipulate light and focus to improve my images and I love that satisfying double click as a photo gets taken. Using my camera has made me rediscover the excitement of collecting images and editing them to tell a story rather than capturing moments to share immediately on social media.

Saturday saw Master SSG and I take the train to Kings Cross for breakfast at The King's Cross Saturday Farmer's Market.

Open every Saturday from 8am until 3pm, the market is held at the Fitzroy Gardens, an easy walk from Kings Cross Station.  I'm both too old and too boring to appreciate the nightlife that the area has to offer but the people and pace of life of King's Cross on a Saturday morning seems to be just my kind of thing.  The store holders are friendly and charismatic 'all hail the kale' spruiked one of the organic vegetable stall holders and the crowd is an easy mix of families, tourists, glossy inner city beautiful people (it's the hair...  it's impossible to ignore) and the flamboyant yet earthy locals who love a good punnet of organic berries as much as they love their performance art.

 Great Wheels of Cheese is a must visit stall.  Its staff are charming and their aprons bear all sorts of cheese related puns 'It might sound cheesy but I feel grate...' was the print on one lady's apron.  But most importantly, their cheese toasties are next level.

$12 gets you a sea salt dusted luxury sandwich filled with the creamiest and richest cheese with lean ham.  I ordered the Prince Will-I-Ham for Master SSG to have with his babycino and there were no complaints.  Except when I claimed a quarter of the sandwich for myself.

My breakfast was a bacon and egg roll ($7.50) from Bowan's stall.  A smooth assembly line at the back of the stall fries bacon and eggs from right to left all of which are then scooped onto a soft white roll.  It's all made to order and efficiency is helped by the fact that no variations are offered and you get to sauce and season your roll yourself.

This is the view from where I stood with my coffee down and brown paper bag ready to receive my roll which I slathered in barbecue and tomato sauces as well as a few grinds of pepper.

What can I say?  Life is nothing but good when you get to eat all this for breakfast on a Saturday.

I had no room to sample anything from the baked goods stalls but I'm already pencilling in a return visit for a sweeter breakfast.

There's a separate lane of international streetside type hot meals and I have plans to bring my mum when she's back to try the roti.

I love browsing farmers markets.

 Seeing all the lovingly produced foods and the people who work so hard to get them to us, the general public makes me appreciate the food I purchase and eat just that little bit more.

Several punnets of berries from one producer came home with me and they do taste a world apart from what I find at the supermarket.

I'm really impressed with how my camera's been able to draw out the colour in the photos I took around the city.

We then took a walk along Darling Harbour to the Pyrmont Bridge.

Despite living in Sydney all these years, I had no idea that the Pyrmont Bridge closes and opens on a regular basis throughout the day.

Gates swing across to keep pedestrians safe and the opening of the bridge takes about a minute to open to 83 degrees.

The swing bridge operating schedule is managed by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.  The bridge itself was made a National Engineering Landmark in 1992.

It is lovely being able to spend days like this as a tourist in your own city.

Have you learned anything interesting about any of the tourist attractions where you live lately?


  1. Was the photograph of the staircase and mosaic floor taken at Sydney Hospital? It looks like the North building, in particular.

    1. Hi SImone
      It's one of the landings in the QVB.
      SSG xxx


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