Mar 16, 2018

Friday Drinks #20: Bits and Pieces. Delicious Things,

There's something about rose.  Or maybe there's something about rose in a can.  It goes down a treat with a pizza on a Friday night but it also seems to go straight to my head.

Did you know that a tiny can like this contains 2.6 standard drinks!?!  

This Crafters Union rose in a can was from my Black Box and I was very pleasantly surprised by how it tasted.  Nothing tinny or headache inducing in any of its notes at all.  I had waves of apprehension based on my experience of the mini bottles of wine you can buy on the plane but they were all unfounded.  Perhaps they should start selling wine in cans on the plane?

In other news from last Friday night, I can report that the IGA I often drive past on the way home has a tightly edited but very fresh range of fruit and veg.  You wouldn't know it from the street because it doesn't have the urban grocer store front of a Harris Farm or About Life but IGA Annandale is a hidden gem.  This container of spinach is still going strong a week later.  There's just enough left for tonight's pizza too.

With Easter being only a fortnight away, I've made a start on my Aldi Easter Egg stash.  For some reason, almond has ended up being my preferred egg flavour this year.  Both the marzipan and almond eggs are delicious.  Perhaps I won't need to do a Haigh's run this year after all....

Still on the topic of eggs, I made another batch of perfectly hard boiled 'shell eggs' for Master SSG's lunchboxes this week.  It's the little things..

I felt a bit sad as I walked through the arcades of the QVB and the Galeries on Saturday.  Doughnut Time have closed many of their outlets and the sight of their usually neon lit, retro green store fronts now dark, shuttered and devoid of doughnuts did put a dampener on our usually upbeat treks through the city.  It's been a habit of ours to stop by Doughnut Time at the QVB just before we hit the escalators to pick up something wittily named (and delicious) for later.

Fortunately, BreadTop nearby still has the goods. This Parmesan Sponge Cake is a worthy replacement for our weekly Doughnut Time.  The flavour combination is not as wacky as it may sound.  The sponge is dense, eggy and mildly flavoured which is the perfect foil for that thing layer of parmesan flavoured mock cream and the parmesan crust topping.  I've since Googled how to bake it and have come to the conclusion that it's more practical to just visit Bread Top to buy my fix.

In other baked goods news, Acme Bakers at Westfield Bondi Junction (just outside the Woolies) are feeling the love with their hot crossed buns, cupcakes and lolly jars.  Those heart shaped marshmallows would make a mean babycino, I'm thinking.

Acme is owned by Luxe and you'll be happy to know that the coffee is just as good as it as Luxe only without the epic 10am queue.

After years of stubbornly refusing to eat bliss balls, I've finally seen the error of my ways.  I took a packet of Smooshed Wholefood Balls to the hairdresser and they were instrumental in my survival of the three (!!) hours it took to get a cut, colour and keratin treatment.  I had no idea that so much heat was required when one gets keratin done.  At one point I had three Parluxes pointed at my head plus a large fan to prevent everything from overheating.  Then there was a good hour or so of flat ironing my hair before I was sent on my way with instructions to delay washing my hair for a few days so that the keratin treatment can achieve its full effect.  I'll keep you posted on how my hair behaves after I wash it.

The flavour I tried was Peanut Butter and Caramel. I like how straight up the taste was.  No tooth aching sweetness, no filler stuff just the taste and texture of peanuts, dates and coconut.  I'm definitely going to be stocking up for my next marathon hairdresser session.  Once again, these were courtesy of Black Box.

My mum and dad are in Sydney this weekend and we've already begun planning where and what to eat.  I can pretty much guarantee that dumplings and Maccas will be involved...

Cheers to the weekend and I hope you have a good one too.

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  1. You will not regret the keratin. I’ve only had it done once in late November last year. My hair was so easy to manage during our 6 week holiday in winter Europe when we were constantly on the move and the compliments were good too (especially from my sisters on skype who loved the hair!!). Plus they don’t use formaldehyde anymore ...sheesh.
    I haven’t had it done again but hair looks ok. Den xxx


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