Mar 23, 2018

Friday Drinks #21: Dig Deep, It's Easter Break This Time Next Week.

Cheers to the weekend!

It's been a mixed bag for me and all I can say is that it's going to be the Easter long weekend this time next week so dig deep, everyone!

Following on from my Everlane first impressions post, I can happily confirm that their silk blouses are so comfortable and easy to wear.  The blouse style is perfect for work with a statement skirt.  I need a button down shirt or two to round out my work wardrobe as well, I'm thinking.  Watch this space.

If you haven't done so already, don't forget to claim your CTP green slip refund from Service NSW.  Unsurprisingly, the state government kept that one pretty quiet and the only reason I found out about it was because someone posted about it on Facebook.  It only takes a few minutes (providing the site doesn't crash on you due to unanticipated high volumes of traffic or whatever the technical term is) and the direct deposit takes 5 or so business days to reach you.  Of course I've already spent mine in advance.  Of course.

In other news from the roads of NSW, may I present the Game of Cones that takes place around 2pm most schooldays on the streets surrounding Master SSG's school.  From what I can gather, placing the cones up and down the street are the only way tradies can secure themselves a spot for their utes and equipment as they go about doing whatever it is that needs to be done on a daily basis to the houses of the neighbourhood.

Lions are kind of a big deal at Master SSG's school so when I saw the leonine apparel currently at Cotton On Kids online, I stocked up.  These are the Larry the Lion pyjamas ($34.99 AUD though there are discounts for multiple purchases) and you can even get them personalized with a first name printed on the top for an extra $5.  Shipping was pretty fast even with the personalisation order and they're ready and waiting for the class 'pet' (stuffed animal) comes to stay with us for a weekend later this term.

This hoodie is currently on sale for $15 at COK as well.

A view of the hoodie with that mouth wide open....

I'm equal parts proud and teary with Master SSG's ambition to learn the national anthem properly.  Thanks to my pro / teacher level laminating skills (!!), we have the first verse printed out (in a font I believe is called 'NSW Foundation Font Regular') on a green and gold background and we've been reading through the words most nights this week.  It's been one of those unanticipated but deeply moving moments as a parent for me.

New to the 'where everything gets done' study table is this little collection from Mecca Cosmetica.  You may or may not know how it goes.  A woman enters the store for concealer to replace the one that's both running out and discontinued.  She takes a seat at the infamous row of flatteringly lit makeup mirrors, has things artfully applied to her face, gets told how fabulous her skin is and then walks out with quite a haul.

I'm very excited to be trying a couple of brands new to me - Ellis Faas and Dr Barbara Sturm.  I'll be sure to devote a blog post or two to my new finds.  It's always interesting how what gets picked for me in store is quite different to what I thought I wanted (based on the relentless multi stream advertising that seems to be our modern world).

Look at me!! I'm all grown up.  A whit sweater and jeans without rips in them all in the one outfit on a day off / school pick up day.

From the front line at Woolworths, I bring you what is probably the last word in kinda healthy snacking.  Dark chocolate coated fruit and superfood balls from Lindt.  They're so good that Master SSG now eats grapefruit.  Apparently the fruit and acai under that layer of Lindt also makes them lunchbox appropriate.

It's going to be a good weekend indeed. It's officially the start of my hot cross bun buying season and I've got a day of baking and making planned ahead of an afternoon at my bestie's place with all the kids.

Be well.


  1. While we don't have a lion theme going, I do like those pieces from Cotton On! They have some really cute kids things :) We've been at the Easter buns for a while as the boys can't resist asking for them whenever we pass, ha!

  2. I need a bit of 1:1 time in Mecca


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