Mar 15, 2018

Lovin' Life 15/3/2018: The Wasp's Nest.

This might look like just another roof that needs a bit of a clean and TLC but I see serenity restored and a potential disaster averted.

You see, this time last week, this particular edge of my roof played host to a large wasp's nest.  I must have been asleep at the wheel because I only really noticed it when the next was already around 20cm across.  One minute I just had a cobweb laced roof and the next, a potentially life threatening infestation hovering just above our commonly used back door.

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The only reason I knew I had a wasps nest and not one full of bees is that I couldn't hear any buzzing...

After managing to regain my composure, I did what any householder would do in 2018 when faced with a problem like this and hit the internet.  It didn't take long to discover that attempting to remove the nest myself would be a very bad idea.

Fortunately, I was able to find an excellent Plan A. Nationwide Pest Control (I promise this is not a sponsored post) were a pleasure to work with from the first phone call.  They were friendly and accommodating, they could book me in straight away and their quote was a good 25% less than another company who could only offer me a spot in a month's time.  For a net dependent person like myself, I also found their website to be very informative with a complete list of the prices for all their services.

The team member who visited me was similarly lovely.  He was even able to fit me in an hour earlier than arranged.  It was all over in 15 minutes, I got a bit of education on wasps (they have poor eyesight but remember to move very slowly in their presence) and most importantly a wasp free house (he inspected the entire perimeter for both wasps and potentially dangerous spiders).

Have you ever had a wasp's nest at your place?  How big was it before your discovered it?

Any recent contact with a service provider that was a joy to deal with?  Bonus points if they were a telco....


  1. They're the worst - I knock it down when the wasps are away but they seem to come back and rebuild it.;...

  2. We just had the hugest swam of bees at our kindy! It was amazing how thick the sky was with bees.

  3. Ugh - wasps! Awful things. We've had them here too! So glad you found a place that could remove the nest quickly and efficiently! #TeamLovinLife

  4. We've had a couple of tiny wasp nests that my husband has removed but never a 20 cm one! That sounds scarily big!


  5. Good to know your pest man came to the rescue SSG! Wasps can be nasty. #TeamLovinLife

  6. Wasp stings can be lethal! So just as well you got rid of them. #TeamLovinLife

  7. EEEEK!! We did have one years ago outside the kids bedroom windows. I honestly don't recall what we did with it. I seem to recall that water was involved. Hmmmm. I'm racking my brain. It was scary though and they weren't friendly. I don't recall getting anyone in??? Who knows! It's not there now though. Phew! #teamlovinlife

  8. We used to get the occasional one in Sydney - and they'd always appear almost overnight. But yours sounds huge! We had more issues with redbacks though in Castle Hill - warranting an annual visit from the pest man.

  9. Oh I'm glad you found a place that could get rid of them quickly for you! We've had some popping up in the strangest places sometimes, like under chairs in the back yard. That was when it was too hot and humid to sit outside. Luckily they've always been small (so far) so I can get rid of them myself. I dread finding a big one!

  10. We don't have them now, but when we lived in a previous home which backed onto bushland they were everywhere! I'm not really into creepy crawlers. I remember once my husband was cleaning out the gutters and disturbed a huge snake who was sleeping off lunch. My husband was leaving that afternoon for a business trip so I made sure we had someone come out immediately and take it away. I didn't want any nasty surprises while I was on my own LOL:)

  11. We've had our fair share of wasp nests. Lucky for me, my brother seems to know what to do before the nest get to big. We even had a nest in one of the wooden wind chimes my mom has hanging up off the front porch. We even had a nest of yellow jackets! My brother was cutting grass and managed to get oaught in the cross fire when he passed over the nest (they had a well hidden place underground right where my brother walked).


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