Mar 8, 2018

Lovin' Life 8/3/2018: Pizza Fridays.

In celebration of it being Friday tomorrow, this week's Lovin' Life is all about home made pizza.  Friday night is probably the official night of pizza for many households across the country and it's not hard to see why.  There's a topping to suit everyone, leftovers make excellent Saturday breakfasts and there are so many ways to observe Pizza Friday - at your local supermarket (fresh or frozen), at a favourite takeaway (home delivery or pick up) and you can even make your own (just the topping, the sauce and topping or the whole kitchen sink approach where you make your own pizza bases).

Please disregard that packet of Mi Goreng.  It has nothing to do with my pizza.  I often have an 'In Case of Emergency'  packet of noodles sitting on the bench just in case we get really desperate for dinner options.

I'm usually frozen pizza person.  Dr Oetker and I go back a long, long way.  But then I discovered Lebanese bread as a pizza base last week and I've seen the light.  Apparently several years after the rest of the world made the same breakthrough but better late than never.  Nagi at Recipe Tin Eats wrote a really useful post about home made pizzas and I'm linking to it here.

I splurged on my toppings with various cold cuts, two kinds of cheese (plasticky and spendy), pineapple pieces, pre chopped mushrooms and pizza sauce from squeezy bottle but I have enough of the ingredients here to make at least 6 pizzas.  My bag of Lebanese bread cost around $5 for 6.

These are our pizzas before they went into the oven.  Mine's the one with all the mushrooms and red onion on top.

Master SSG's featured ham, cheese and pineapple only,  I couldn't even sneak in a few slices of tomato because he was watching me do the toppings.

These pizzas only needed 10 minutes in a 200C fan forced oven.

The Lebanese bread baked to a wood fired, crispy texture and thanks to the moisture content of the pineapple and vegetables, the pizza as a whole wasn't as dry as I feared it would be.

via Google images

Sorry, Dr Oetker, I think we need some time apart.

Do you observe Pizza Friday?

Do you make your own, order in or go out for your pizza?


  1. We love homemade pizza too. We've given each one a name - we have the Castle Hill (that's essentially an Aussie), the St Kilda (in honour of a grilled chicken with chipotle sauce we had in St Kilda) & we're yet to perfect the Buderim. #TeamLovinLife

  2. This is our Friday night too! I usually buy a packet of raw prawns already in a garlic sauce from Woolworths and put those on my pizza. It tastes amazing!


  3. Would you believe that Friday nights is pizza night here in my household?! And we do them on Lebanese bread! Yours look delicious!! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  4. FYI, bag of 6 Lebanese bread costs between $1.39 - $2 in your old hood. Buy it from Golden Banana (?), the grocer in Top Ryde. IGA also sells it. Sorry about price update... Den xx

  5. Pizza Friday in our house as well, we always make our own :)

  6. Yum, yum, yum! I love homemade pizza SSG although my husband usually makes them for us. Yours looks delicious! have a great week!

  7. Oh yes, we Pizza Friday here. And we do it in somewhat fantastic style, at least I do. The other half is always saying to me "why do you have to put so many toppings on your pizza?" and my parents used to say my pizza would never cook, but it always did. Eventually.

    This reminds me I must take my tomorrow mushrooms out of the freezer today. ;) Freezing mushrooms was a huge and wonderful discovery for me.

    I will look out for those bases so I can check the sodium. We currently use the pizza bases from Aldi and I have to say they are wonderful, but recently I noticed they now have a little more sodium than I would like per serving, so I am open to new options.

  8. They look absolutely delicious. It's been ages since we had a really good pizza - we tend to just heat up a frozen one and add a few extra toppings - nothing like the real deal though. Maybe it's time for an outing to a Pizza Parlour!

  9. They look delicious SSG! We used to make our own pizzas when we were newly married, it was nice 'cooking' together as we chopped veggies and laid out all the pieces. Haven't done it in a while but every now and then the boys do have their pizza Fridays :) Maybe when they are bigger we can make it more of a tradition and go back to making our own :)

  10. snap, I made homemade pizza tonight

  11. I am actually not a huge pizza fan. My homemade ones never taste particularly great (and the need for a gluten-free base don't help) but on the very rare occasions I have pizza from a place (even just Dominos) I quite enjoy it. I don't crave it though and always think the sauce is all-important as sometimes it takes away from the toppings themselves.

    Having said that the best pizza I had (before diagnosed as coeliac) was in the mid 1990s in Portugal and was basically tomato, sausage and mozzarella. God it was good. #teamlovinlife


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