Mar 6, 2018

My Alpha H A-LIst.

Alpha-H skincare is an Australian skincare brand I've only just discovered recently.  What piqued my interest was all the social media love for Liquid Gold.  My lovely and wise friend Anna of Mutton Years Style & I is a huge fan. Adore Beauty recently had a gift card with purchase offer and they happened to have an excellent range of Alpha-H both in stock and at 15% below RRP.  With the planets so well aligned, how could I not try out the brand?

I started with the Alpha-H A-List ($59.45 AUD) which contains five of the brand's best sellers in travel sizes format of around 30ml per product:
- Liquid Gold
- Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+
- Balancing Cleanser
- Gentle Daily Exfoliant
- Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask.

I've been trialling all of the above for a couple of weeks now.  I'm yet to find the time to use the mask.  Sadly, Protection Plus wasn't my thing.  While it does have some tint, it's pretty thin in consistency and doesn't give me a good base for my makeup.  I also didn't really like the feel of it on my skin on its own either.  I'll be sticking to my Mecca branded SPFs for now because they perform well for me and are fairly well priced for the quality.

Master SSG provided the props and styling for my attempt at photographing my favourites from the A-List set.

I had so much success with the other three items I tried that I used my Adore gift cards to purchase them in full sizes so that I could keep the A-List set for travelling.  Which reminds me, might have to get moving on planning travel for the rest of the year...

Getting back on point.

This was my haul of full sized Alpha-H from Adore:

  • Balancing Cleanser (200ml bottle, other sizes also available) - $37.36 AUD
  • Liquid Gold (100ml, one size) $50.96 AUD
  • Gentle Daily Exfoliant (50g, one size) $52.70 AUD

Adore's 15% below RRP pricing appears to be a permanent thing.  Plus you get that Tim Tam.  No wonder I love shopping with you, Adore.  Great prices, reliable stock levels and delivery plus that Tim Tam.

Now for my thoughts on my A-list of the A-list.

Balancing Cleanser


  • creamy without leaving a residue on my skin
  • no stinging 
  • sturdy pump bottle
  • easy to use under the shower (you're meant to get all fancy with a warm face cloth to remove it but this is me you're reading...)
  • great preface to using the brand's daily exfoliant.
  • described as a 3 in 1 but blurb only mentions its cleansing and moisturising properties so I'm not sure if it has toning capabilities as well.
  • not much help with removing eye makeup, still needed to use my usual eye makeup remover in addition to cleansing with this cleanser.
  • the cap is a bit sticky and difficult to remove quickly so I just leave it 'open' (ie pump dispenser exposed rather than the product exposed) in the bathroom.
Other comments:
  • you are meant to be able to remove makeup with is but I'm a Shu cleansing oil girl who refuses to try any other method of makeup removal.

Gentle Daily Exfoliant


  • easily dispensed by tapping out approximately a teaspoon of the fine powder onto your hand, lid swivel shut when you're done
  • makes a thin paste quickly on damp hands
  • again, easily used under the shower immediately after cleansing. Rinsed off completely with minimal effort on my part.  Always a win, in my book.
  • it wasn't scratchy on my skin at all yet left my skin feeling smooth, the official blurb claims that the papaya and pineapple contained in the scrub brighten and refresh respectively. Sounds and looks good to me.
  • similar issue to the cleanser with the stubborn cap that is meant to go over the dispenser top.  I just keep mine on the bathroom cabinet without the cap and the dispenser screwed shut and have had no issues with moisture ruining the product.
Other comments:
  • I really like the idea of a daily exfoliant and Alpha-H's is perfect for me in being both gentle and effective
  • reminded me of Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant but I prefer Apha-H's for its texture.  For comparison, Dermalogica's version is $60 - $80AUD for 75g.  It's all much of a muchness at the end of the day because various sites offer discounts below RRP for both Dermalogica and Alpha-H so price per gram comparisons between the two would end up being very close.
Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid


  • my favourite product of the range so far because it just works.
  • I apply it to cleansed skin and wake up to softer skin the next morning.
  • while effective, it doesn't sting or irritate my skin.  
  • my skin doesn't feel dry even on the nights I just wear this alone.
  • again, the lazy girl method of using your hands rather than cotton squares works just fine for me.
  • I wear an eye cream at night as well and there haven't been any issues combining the two for me.

  • can't think of any.
Overall, I'm very happy to have made the switch to Apha-H.  They're products aren't cheap but they are fairly well priced for the quality and performance.  My only gripe is with the caps that top many of the existing lids for products.  Are they really necessary?

I hope to try some of their eye creams next as my current ones run out.  

Have you tried Alpha-H?  Any products you'd like to recommend or suggest to avoid?

How good is Adore Beauty?


  1. Kit Kat? I think you mean Tim Tam ;)

  2. The timing of this review is perfect. I have been a user of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant for years now but am on the hunt for something else as my 54 year old skin has recently had a reaction from the product.

    Going to give the Liquid Gold a go as well.

  3. This is a brand you can buy via TVSN. I don't mention it so much to buy from there but more so to watch the show because I always learn more about the products from the brands I love. I've checked the tv guide and cannot see an upcoming show but if and when I do find one I will let you know. :)

  4. I've never heard of this brand before so thank you for the introduction - the liquid gold sounds so interesting in particular! I'm with you on those annoying extra caps too, I always end up throwing them away. Don't see the point of them, they just make the products look 'fancy' but you can't use them like that!

  5. I love Alpha-H, especially the Liquid Gold. I buy the Balancing Cleanser in the pump pack from Adore. I have tried the sunblock, didn't like it. The eye cream is really good too.


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