Mar 27, 2018

Sweater Season. MINISO's Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush.

I don't know for how long my enthusiasm will last but I was so excited to be wearing (by necessity) a knitted sweater over my gym clothes this week.  It was a chilly (by Sydney standards) 14C Tuesday morning.  

Which makes me think that the heat we had over the weekend is possibly on its last legs until spring.

Never mind, I think we will have little reminders like this Paleteria ice cream cart at Myer Sydney to keep us going until the return of the golden weather.

There were so many tempting flavour combinations but finally a plain mango ice cream won the day for Master SSG.

It wouldn't be a leisurely stroll through the city without a stop at MINISO would it?

The large brown teddy was $7.99 and Master SSG's current 'bestie'.  It's wonderfully plush and well 'stuffed'.  Pretty impressive quality for the price.

This is the MINISO take on beauty blender sponges.  It was $4.99, I haven't tried it yet but it does look a bit less angled than my current favourite from Real Techniques.

There's also a range of makeup brushes in store.  Most are $4.99 and there are also some sets available too.  I'm impressed with the make of this particular brush.  It has what feels like a wooden handle and densely packed bristles that are firm but not scratchy.  No fallout of bristles either in the week that I've been using it.  The handle is relatively short but sits comfortably in the hand.

I was most eager to try MINISO's take on the Clarisonic.  This versions cost $29.99 AUD and is labelled as 'Deep Clean Ultrasonic'.  It's battery operated (two AAs)  and comes with a stand and spare brush head. 

There are no instructions in the box but then it's pretty straightforward and intuitive to use for anyone familiar with electric facial cleansing brushes.

I've not tried Clarisonics, can't justify the $200 - $300 price but the MINISO version does feel and look bulkier than the Clarisonics I've seen in stores.  MINISO does sell replacement brush head separately but I didn't look closely at whether they offered different intensities of cleansing.

There's only speed on this model.  It makes a subtle buzzing noise when operated and did get a little warm in my hand towards the end of use.  I found the intensity of the handset speed coupled with the brush hair 'hardness' quite harsh on my skin, it actually felt dry after I'd cleansed.  It's too early to report on whether it's helped clear up problem areas I have on my chin.  Because I use a lot of Alpha H as well, I don't think I'll use this brush more than on alternate days.  It's reasonable value for the price, though.  I'm happy to have started with this brush rather than a more expensive version because I'm not sure yet whether this will be a long term component of my skincare routine.

Are you a Clarisonic fan?  How long did it take for you to see results?  Or have you tried the MINISO version? 

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  1. We don't have a Miniso here which is a shame as I like the idea of the Clarisonic, but like you I don't like the price! I'd love to try it out at a more affordable price like this. Shame that it isn't perfect for you, but good you got to give it a go and you can see a way to use it even if it's on alternative days.


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