Mar 17, 2018

The Car Key Kerfuffle.

Say what you will about my life but you can't deny that God and the universe always know when and how to make sure that my feet remain firmly planted to the ground, that my head will never grow too large to fit through the door and that at least one moment of each day will require me to find the humour if not the joy.

Exhibit 1.  That moment when I had to write 'Busting!' the book title on the kindergarten home reading log.  The opening line of 'Lou was busting for the loo.' gets me every single time.

I began Thursday living some approximation of the dream.  It was my usual day off so I went all 'lady of leisure lite' by going to the gym, doing the laundry and getting frocked up for the school mums do.

Then I went to said do with my hostess gift and fetching black hair elastic bracelets.

It was the kind of light lunch I think I could see myself getting very used to.

Somewhere on that dessert buffet are a few blocks of the elusive Cadbury Caramilk, unwrapped and presented for consumption with an artfully tied grosgrain bow.  It would have been criminal to let the opportunity to try a square (or two) of Caramilk slip by so I did what I had to do.  Yeah, nah. Not really my thing.

School pick up went well.

I abandoned my heels and flopped around the shops in my Havs as I slurped post mix Coke No Sugar (!!), ate an apple and tried not to get too close to anything tempting at Lulu Lemon.

Pretty much your standard procedure lady of leisure day as a school mum.

Until it came time to find my car keys to get home from the library.  They were nowhere to be found.  I had done the unthinkable and practically impossible in this day and age.  They were locked in my car.

I'm ashamed to say panic set in and it directed me to problem solve illogically.  Master SSG who was thankfully not locked in the car got given snacks for an early dinner as I called the NRMA and my brother.  On a phone with 19% of its battery left and from a car park where reception cuts out the moment you drive into it.

The NRMA appeared miraculously within half an hour.  My mechanic was on his way home and this was his last job of the day.  Unfortunately, I happen to drive one of the three brands of car he couldn't break into.

My brother saved the day by going to my place and getting the spare car keys.  We unlocked my car only to discover my keys were nowhere to be found.

via google images

Do you know where they were?  At the library.  Someone had handed them in.  I'm very grateful for their honesty not to mention the helpful NRMA guy who went on overtime to help as well as my superhero brother who saved the day but gee I feel like such a goose. 

There were also a few small wins from an otherwise shambolic afternoon.  At least I was being frantic in flats rather than the heels I wore earlier in the day.  Perhaps it was foresight to pack a change of shoes for the afternoon.  I remembered to do that Aldi run for mum's skincare and didn't manage to lose my shopping in the midst of the car key kerfuffle.  In the midst of the chaos, a kind stranger struck up a conversation with me which saw me be able to laugh at the situation and look at what had happened as a best worst case scenario.


Last but not least (subjectively) ... HOW GOOD ARE SALON KERATIN TREATMENTS???  Expensive and time consuming but gee whiz.  They've come a long way since the last time I had one done 8 years ago.  My hair actually felt sleeker and softer as well as looked shinier even after I washed it a few days after the treatment.  Too often I'm left with my usual straw like hair after that first post salon wash.

I'm not implying that my hair goals icon Jennifer gets keratin herself (I think she was born looking this fabulous) but my hair finally has Aniston grade gloss.  The balyage I got a few months back looks so much better.  Big call to say they look natural / born with it with my being Chinese and all but I'm loving the difference in my hair.

I think totally deserved dessert when I finally got home.  If you haven't tried Bulla's Frozen Custard over chocolate zucchini cake offcuts, you're missing out.  It's food for the fragile soul, ego and mind.  Also works miracles on flagging energy levels.

Fortunately, Friday was a better day.  I didn't lose my keys once.  My lunch even passed inspection at work.  The fridge gets emptied cleaned every Friday and anything not labelled with the date and your name gets ditched. I forgot the date this week so my bag got opened, inspected and neatly taped back up again.  You don't get that kind of service at the airport...

While double checking that Master SSG's bag was packed (I've already done the school drop off repeat drive of frustration twice this term), I found this drawing of a cat.  It was drawn by one of Master SSG's kinder friends as a present for him to colour in later.  It was such a kind action and Master SSG was clearly very happy to have received this drawing.

Have you been touched by the richness if life and its random acts of kindness recently?

How does the universe like to bring you down a peg or two?


  1. I keep my keys on a lanyard, the minute I get out of my car it goes around my neck and stays there. ;) In case you are looking for a new option.

    Friends do similar but with a little carabiner or lobster clip that you can use around your handbag handles and put your keys inside your handbag but always have the comfort of being able to see that carabiner/clip, just because they don't love having them around the neck. I do prefer the neck option, because I always know where they are then.

  2. I put the kids in the car (thankfully hadn't belted up the eldest in her car seat for some reason put bag in car and hit wrong button on the hatch which locked the car instead of just closing. Eldest child thankfully opened the door but if she had been strapped in car seat she would not have been able. It was a hot day and so scary. Crazily I closed the door and it locked again so she had to open it again. Ours is a touch the door handle and it unlocks but it didn't work when the keys were in the car 🙃

  3. That sounds like a nightmare! I'm glad you found your keys in the end! We recently changed our roadside assistance and I was comparing some of the options, lost keys or keys locked in car is one I read carefully as I'm so worried I'll do that when I'm not wearing anything with pockets to put keys into. It only takes a moment to slip up and misplace something, or shut the door with the keys in it!


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