Apr 19, 2018

Lovin' Life 19/4/2018: Bringing Out the Knives.

An unusual choice of topic for Lovin' Life, I agree but bear with me.

Along with that saucepan set I wrote about the other day, my set of knives are another bit of kitchenware that have been with me from the day I moved out of home.  I vividly remember the day I bought them at David Jones in Perth and then how I lugged them to the airport as I set off for Sydney all those years ago.

Almost 11 years old, my knives have survived those early days as a novice home cook, they've made endless lunches and dinners and they've been there for visiting family who've cooked many memorable meals while they've been here. While they've held up pretty well for all that loving use, the blades are getting very dull.

Enter a local business called Mr Sharp.  Mr Sharp and his brother have a deal where for a flat rate of $90 plus GST they will come to your house, pick up all the knives that need a bit of TLC and return them to you that afternoon as good as new.  Which explains the oddly shaped parcel on my kitchen bench.  Knives with their handles out, blades wrapped in a tea towel for safety and a tough paper bag over the top for portability.

While my 'good' knives were away for the day, I dug out my travel knife boy scout style.

By the afternoon, my knives were delivered back to me perfectly sharpened and cutting as easily as they did when I first got them.

It's amazing how much easier life in the kitchen is with sharp knives!  I'm going to be much more diligent about keeping them in tip top condition from now on.

Do you regularly sharpen your kitchen knives? 

Do you have a favourite appliance or tool in the kitchen that's lasted forever and holds powerful memories too?


  1. We don't sharpen them, but apparently there's a guy that comes to your house and does it in his van...#Lovinglifelinky

  2. I love my 'feathertouch' knife which is awesome for slicing bread and cheese. Mum always had one and ensured one was purchased for each of us kids when we left home. :-) #TeamLovinlife

  3. I love a good set of knives SSG! I really feel like I'm on MasterChef with a good knife and some herbs to chop. Have a great week! xx

  4. mine have never been sharpened (despite buying the machine) such a great post to encourage me to get someone else to do so

  5. Oh that's a nice service! I'll keep that in mind a few years down the track when I'm sure my trusty kitchen knives will need sharpening!

  6. A knife sharpening service sounds like a great idea. I might look for one of them around me.

  7. As a non foodie non chef, I don't really appreciate the whole sharp knife thing. People who visit my kitchen complain about my blunt knives. But my care factor is quite low. Mum even bought us a knife sharpener! LOL. Perhaps I should send them off for a sharpening vacay #teamlovinlife


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