May 1, 2018

Continental Drift 1/5/2018: Australian Host Link Up. Hello Autumn.

While everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is getting all excited about the appearance of spring, we're heading into the cooler weather here in Australia.  It's been a long time coming this year...

After weeks of bonus summer, autumn has well and truly arrived in Sydney.  The sunlight has lost that golden haziness and in its place we have a cool grey tinge to our daylight.

There's a chill to the air in the morning that tends to linger until the sun has well and truly risen.  While it makes running a less hot and sweaty experience, actually getting out there is more challenging on account of how warm and toasty it is in bed.

I've managed to find my gloves and fleece vest so there's no excuse for not getting out there for tomorrow morning's run.

I'm even having more than idle thoughts about training through autumn and into the winter for Sydney's biggest 14K fun run, The City To Surf. I've suddenly realised that my current semi-regular outdoor run involves Heartbreak Hill and I've even survived running up it more than once.  I'm planning on having a bag of those Lindt chocolate fruit balls in the post run bag of goodies that you can arrange to have delivered to the finish line of the race ahead of the big day (which happens to be my birthday).  I think I've just talked myself into signing up.

Of course I'm excited about how autumn means I get to change things up in my wardrobe.  These merino sweaters from Uniqlo will be doing double duty as they star in both my work and weekend outfits.

Courtesy of the recent Uniqlo sale where the sweaters were reduced to $29.90 (from $39.90), I am now the proud owner of the sweater in a dark beige, bottle green and good old wardrobe workhorse  black.

The change of season has seen me rediscover old favourites from last year - my Disco Soho bag and a grey leopard print sweater from Target.  Which reminds me.  I really do need to stop by Target soon to see what they've got lined up for the autumn.

We're heading into pretty hectic time of the year at work.  It's going to be busy on both the clinical and teaching side of things.

Never fear, though, I've got the perfect outfit for whatever each day may bring...

I'm a huge fan of J Crew at the moment.  I bought a wool suit and a crepe wrap dress when they had a recent 40% off sale.

This time of the year also sees the focus of my relationship with coffee change a little.  My morning coffees in this cooler weather not only perk up my brain cells, they also warm the rest of me up from the inside out.

Hearty, cheesy pasta bakes, soups and casseroles are all easy to make, freeze well and are a treat to return home to (in the darkness) after a long day

So many little things to ease the pain of shorter days and sky rocketing electricity bills.

What's the weather changing to where you are?  How do you feel about it?

Welcome to our Continental Drift linkup! The reason we are  dabbling at a link up was that we wanted to connect and learn from bloggers from all across the world about their passions and lifestyle.  We will host the  Continental Drift link-up the first of every month.  The concept for myself and my fellow hosts (Mutton Style & Bo’s Bodacious Blog) is that we, the hosts, will write a post about our life on our continent/Country/state over the past month (hence the name) and our favorite thing from the month. 

Starting June 1st we will have a prompt that we are writing about.  You are welcome to join us using the prompt  or link-up with  any family friendly topic that you like,  be it DIY, cooking, sewing, crafts, lifestyle, de-cluttering, traveling, moving homes, fashion, style, beauty, make up, etc. Your hosts to this linkup come from UK, Canada and Australia.  Enjoy getting to know each other!


  1. I'm enjoying the cooler autumn weather here too! Although it's not quite necessary for gloves yet I did wish I'd grabbed my trench coat this morning as it was particularly chilly! I'm just excited to get all my knits and scarves out!

  2. With that cool necklace you can conquer the world!!

  3. When I first read the title U thought it was an old post, but of course are seasons are different. 😊. I am so excited for your race day, you will crush it and a great way to start off you birthday. I am just gearing up for my first 10k of the season and haven't been training nearly as much as I have in the past but that's okay.
    bosbodaciousblog.blogspot ca

  4. I always look fowards to your autumn sweeping posts and pics .plus warming cooking and using apples. Meanwhile we hope we will get another taste of summer here


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