May 16, 2018

Grana's Silk. A Review.

This is a long overdue review of my first Grana purchase from way back in April.  In my defence, it's only just started being cool enough to wear my purchases.

Grana is an online clothing retailer based in Hong Kong whose range and price fits between Uniqlo and Everlane.  Similar to Everlane, the company is big on pricing transparency which translates to us the consumer paying rather nice prices for silk from China, cotton from Peru, linen from France and denim from Japan.

What was most attractive to me was the pricing of clothing in Australian dollars and the fast and free shipping (for orders over  $100 AUD).  Compared to Everlane,  Grana seems to have more consistent stock levels of items like their silk blouses and cashmere.  Both of these ranges seem to be a more seasonal offering at Everlane with items like long sleeved silk blouses being in limited supply at the moment at the label delves into apparel for the Northern Hemisphere's spring / summer.

My first order attracted a 10% introductory discount and came beautifully wrapped and boxed.  The pizza style box is a one off for new customers but the beautiful wrapping will endure, according to my thank you note card.

I ordered two silk blouses which were $125 AUD each (before discount).

The styles are the long sleeve shirt (pink)  and the popover blouse (green).

The finish was impressive for the price point.

The silk is sheerer than Everlane's.  It's also not as matte and 'sticky looking' as their's.  Now that I own silk from both brands, I think both have a place in my wardrobe.  With regards to the shirt styling, I do like Grana's concealed front buttons but I also like the simple, utilitarian look of the button down style at Everlane.  It might be the end of the year before the colours I want get restocked at Everlane though.    

This is the amount of sheerness to expect with the lighter coloured silks (hung on a black hanger for reference).

I ordered both blouses in medium (I'm usually an Australian 10, US 6 these days). Grana suggests that the blouses run true to size but I've also read reviews noting that the sleeves tend to be cut short. Medium in both styles gave me enough room to loosely 'half tuck' each into my waistband without there being too much or too little fabric to 'flounce' afterward.  

Both blouses were very comfortable to wear and they dry clean well (I managed to get biro on the shoulder of this green blouse).

I'm very happy with this Grana purchase and along with Uniqlo and Everlane, now count Grana as one of my first stops for quality basics.  The next item I'm curious to try from Grana is their cotton T-shirts.  I've been a devotee of the cheap Cotton On versions for too long now.  The quality has been very lacking on recent incarnations of their basic Ts.

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  1. I feel I should have more silk pieces in my working wardrobe so I enjoy your reviews SSG! These seem like such good pieces and very well priced too! :)


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