May 12, 2018

It's Proper Cold In Sydney. Finally.

There's always that moment in May in Sydney when it gets properly cold.  Plus or minus windy.  Plus or minus rainy.

And when that day arrives, you can bet your life that your socials will be filled with photos of your favourite Sydneysiders 'rugging up' for the commute to work on a brutally cold ... 14C ... morning.

That moment has arrived for 2018 and gee are we in Sydney milking it for all its worth. Everyone is out in their black North Face puffer jackets, some just gave up and wore their PJs and ugg boots to Woolies mid afternoon and others of us had to be resuscitated by a large cup of hot chocolate after walking for around five minutes in the cold en route to the train station.

Autumn weather histrionics aside, it's been a busy weekend in SSG Land.  Larry the class 'pet' has come to stay with us and he's been treated to a real world kind of weekend featuring such highlights as a trolley ride at the supermarket.

Here's Larry working the self check out on my behalf.  Hands up who else is a fan of 70% Dark Lindor Balls?

Larry consciously reduced his carbon foot print by using public transport all day today.

Master SSG ice skated for the first time in his life today and I was more terrified than he.

Thanks to these penguins, he was running across the ice within 15 minutes.  He did fall a few times but none of that deterred him.  He just picked himself up and kept on keeping on.

Larry watched from the sidelines with me.

I'm meant to supervise a write up and photo collage of our weekend with Larry.  It's actually easier to put it all in a Pages document than for me to fill our allocated pages with my most legible printing.

But do you know what the most #sosydney thing is when the cold starts to bite in autumn?  The panic buying at Uniqlo.  I was there today to find a few things for Master SSG and the whole of Sydney seemed to be in the same predicament.  The queue for the registers snaked through a good third of the Pitt Street Mall store. People were lining up with armloads of puffer jackets that they could barely see over.  The space that remained was crammed full of other people desperately guestimating sizes on the backs of children and partners.

Did you pay your respects at Uniqlo today?


  1. It's got cold again here today. Back in sweaters and having the fire on. No puffs jackets though.

  2. fall down, pick yourself up, keep going fearlessly - good metaphor for life, really.

  3. You're getting colder weather and I'm getting the summer heat here in the States! Master SSG looks like he had a blast ice skating.


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