May 7, 2018

Life This Week 7/5/2018: The A - L of Me!

Some of my favourite things, in alphabetical order.

Apples.  A bit predictable I know but the new season's apples are amazing.  My current favourite is the Jazz.  So crispy and tangy.

Baking.  My happy place.

Coffee, cardio and chocolate.  If I can get all three on the one day, even better.

via E!Online

Drive time is my time to listen to podcasts or my 'special' playlists featuring ladies like Mariah and Fergie...

Exhale.  The power of breath and its effect on my mind is something I marvel at on a daily basis.

Finally.  Love is love.

Google.  I can't remember the world B.G. (before Google)....

Hands that already know how to do so many things.

Instagram.  I know the algorithms, bought followers and the timeline issues are annoying but beyond that I've found inspiration, information, solidarity and positivity there.

Journeys.  May I have countless more in the years to come.

Keys. Always put them in the back door first thing so I don't have to madly scramble for them in the morning on the way to work.

Little. So fleeting.  So precious.


  1. Great AtoL! Thanks, SSG, for sharing some of your favourites.

  2. Love the Little. Indeed. And yes, how did we ever survive without google? And yet we did. I think maybe we were more organised.

  3. A little too much chocolate and not enough cardio happening over here. OOPS. I love apples, too. Great list.

  4. Love the twist you put on your A-L. As an aside, I'm with you on instagram -my fave social media.

  5. I'm loving this week's theme from Denyse - it gives me little glimpses into the heads and hearts of those who participated - yours was lovely :)

  6. Those little hands are the cutest! I feel like at least once a week I'm marvelling at how big my boys are getting! :)

  7. I want to combine your first two. I don't love raw apples, but baked or cooked apples are some of my faves! Also, I can't remember life without Google. I'm way too dependent on it, but it's so good for settling arguments!

  8. Oh so beautiful A-L....loved reading yours. I love Fuji apples and even though I cannot bite them, I grate them and even cut up the grated bits and then eat...
    #lifethisweek 19/52. Next week's optional prompt is #shareyoursnaps4. Denyse


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