May 8, 2018

Turning That Frown Upside Down.

You know those days that start badly and finish like this?

They're almost a forewarning that a cycle of not so great things are about to unfold.

Things like:
  • getting stuck in the post school pick up traffic because the police are on point duty and their cars have blocked off 50% of the lanes on the arterial road that gets you home
  • being so organized for your post run coffee run that you remember both your Keep Cup and your cardboard cup holder only to bend down to adjust your shoe laces on the way out the door and watching your Keep Cup shatter on the flow as you do so
  • volunteering to do a last minute grocery run for your mum's special noodle dish only to find that the exact ingredients she's after are all currently out of stock
  • getting the dodgy self scanner at the supermarket meaning that the poor lady supervising the self check out has to help you scan most of your shopping
  • attempting to pre make school morning tea snacks (hard boiled eggs) but cracking a raw one on the kitchen floor in your attempt at time management.
And it's only Tuesday.  Is it too late to press rewind on this week?

I haven't exactly been my best possible self in light of this series of first world annoyances.  I've also decided to practice what I preach and find the good .... no matter what.

 It wasn't that great having that Landcruiser park as close to me as it did at the work car park but at least I miraculously managed to reverse my car without doing any damage to either my car or further damage to theirs.  No wonder the other driver didn't care how close they parked to me.  If I hadn't had to leave as early as I did on the day I discovered my car joined at the hip with another, I wouldn't have seen this beautiful sky peeping through some of the buildings of my workplace.

That broken Keep Cup got replaced with a new and improved version. Same cafe but thicker glass and I think it might even hold just a bit more skinny cap than my old one.

That one time I found a super accurate, super fast scanner at the self check out.  Ironically I only had one thing to buy that time but it was a very important purchase.

I ended up having quite a chat with the lady at Woolies who was helping me scan by stuff.  It turns out we're all so rough on the scanners that the glass gets scratched so badly the lazers can't read as well as they could.  Also, scan those barcodes up and down rather than side to side.  And don't forget to wipe off any moisture on your cold goods before scanning them so that you get a more accurate read.

Why cry over cracked eggs when you can enjoy a couple of macarons instead?  Tenuous link at best but there are egg whites in macarons.  This pair were from the Mother's Day lunch last week.  Apparently it is possibly to hand paint flowers onto macarons and also make other macarons with gold leaf and fill them with chocolate and salted caramel....

The improvised ingredients I bought for mum's noodles turned out to be just the kind of ingredient tweaking my mum appreciates.  The laksa was delicious.

This photo has nothing to do with laksa but has a lot to do with mum.  She put me onto potting the spring onion roots that would otherwise get binned when you buy a bunch at the supermarket.

Look at me growing my own spring onions!

And look at me cheering myself up by writing it all out here on the blog.

Be well and thanks for reading.


  1. That car parking! Crazy. People do that here too. I'm a skinny cap fan. I don't see glass keep cups here. They tend to be plastic or metal. I'm going to try to grow spring onions I'm doing chillis at the moment and they aren't looking too healthy.

  2. it always makes me feel good to make do when it comes to cooking, some deliciousness often prevails.

  3. I hate days like that, but I'm glad there were still some positives and writing it all out helps make you feel better!


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