Jun 14, 2018

Lovin' Life 14/6/2018: WordSwag.

Have you ever wanted to share words instead of photos on Instagram?  Well call me late to the party but I've just discovered an app that lets you make this happen in the artiest possible way.

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This week I'm lovin' the WordSwag app for iPhone.  It's an $8 app that basically makes the first thought that comes to mind look like a very witty quote or an inspirational quote depending on your preference.  It's incredibly easy to use and the result wouldn't look out of place in a digital media person's portfolio.

This was my first WordSwag.

I know.  Did you feel your life change for the better by the time you read to the end?  Well mine did thanks to all the wonderful people who responded to my question on Instagram.  I had a whole list of brand suggestions and stores by the following day ready for our shopping expedition.

And wouldn't you know it?  These white Clarks were on sale at Shoes and Sox. The very same shoes and store that were suggested by Instagram.

The pressure is now on though to think of the next thing I'd like to write on Instagram.  It's such a visual and image focussed platform and I'm such a run of the mill Instagram account holder that word based posts are actually much harder to compose than photo based ones.

Do you post text to Instagram?  Do you quote, ask or download the contents of your brain?


  1. Clarks have some great shoes - glad you managed to track a pair down in the end!

    I don't post a lot of quotes on my instagram, I use canva for when I do everywhere else but this app seems fun! :)

  2. I'm even later to the party - had no idea how people did that...!

  3. HI SSG this is a very timely post as I was just looking at apps for Instagram for Quotes. I will check it out and I don't think I'm following you on Insta so popping over now to do that. Enjoy your weekend - only today and Friday to go! xx
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  4. How fantastic is that? Creative fun and practical results! I do post words to instagram. I do quotes after every ninth photo. I am a weirdo but I like the consistency. I try and pick quotes that mean something to me and are appropriate for that particular time if need be.xoxo #TeamLovinLife

  5. Oh I have wordswag but haven't used it in a while!

  6. Ok, I'm late to this party too and it's safe to say that this has made my day!

  7. Yes sometimes I've posted quotes on Instagram using a pretty photo as the background. I will have to check out this fascinating app. Looks interesting. #TeamLovinLife

  8. I don't have an IG account - or a Twitter one either. SM just sucks my time and I'm doing my utmost to keep it at bay. Cute app though - and I'm glad you found the shoes :)

  9. Is it a bit like Canva? I don't entirely get it but like it if someone (or something) else makes my stuff look more impressive!!!! #teamlovinlife

  10. Off to get Wordswag. I don't have many apps. I mean, after 2 years I finally just got Spotify yesterday on the family account. I'm behind. Wordswag sounds like fun though. I wanted to shout out something yesterday on social media - a random thought - and didn't know how or where to do it, given I don't actively use Twitter. But I guess with Wordswag I can? You may regret giving me this information #teamlovinelife


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