Jun 21, 2018

Lovin' Life 21/6/2018: (Kind Of) Mid Life Crisis Hair.

In the end, it wasn't as dramatic as what I thought it would be.  My mid life crisis hair appointment, I mean but I am loving my freshly balayaged hair.  It's got life and it's got some interest to it.  Due to some complex science relating to avoiding yellow or orange in the foiled bits, I left the salon with hair a bit darker than what it will settle down to once I've washed it once or twice.

But it was a bit of an adventurous morning all the same.  For a start, I had to pull on my Hunters for the walk from home because of all the urban muddy puddles that have established themselves down my street.  Then, because my appointment extended over midday (the official time I eat lunch on my days off), I had to bring some lunch with me to eat as all those chemicals worked their magic.  I went with cheese (leftover fancy smoked British cheddar) and crackers (good old Jatz) chased down with a bag of apricot bliss balls.  A lunch of contradictions but delicious all the same.

Actually, it was just as well I had those bliss balls clearly displayed on the bench in front of me because the man sitting a few chairs up from me turned out to be an Instagram famous fitness identity whose girlfriend is a former Miss Australia.  That's the thing about going to the hairdressers, it's always a hive of interesting conversations and people.

Image result for asian balayage
via Pinterest... not the selfie file on my phone :-P
I have no photos of my actual new hair but I have this photo of hair goals.  I'm going to be brave next time and take my hairdresser up on his suggestion of getting a full head of foils.

Have you done anything interesting with your hair recently?

Any exciting people getting their hair done with you at the salon?


  1. I go to the hairdresser with all kinds of ideas for a 'new look' SSG but keep coming back to my current style. I remember once really changing the colour and went back two days later to have it changed back! I'm not that adventurous maybe :) Have a great week and I'm sure your hair looks great! xx
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  2. I love my balayaged hair. Can't wait to see yours! Really must get to Sydney again one day soon. Is Tuesday still your best day for catch ups?

  3. I love foils - they tie in all the different shades in my hair (including those few pesky greys) without having the outgrowth glaring at me within a week or two. Looking forward to when you eventually post an actual pic of you and your hair :)

  4. I declared that I was bored last month so this month we're trying something different. In other news, what's with the cold & the rain this week? Sunday was nice but the rest? A tad on the manky side...

  5. I love the look of your Pinterest hairstyle :) I always hope for something different but always come out looking much the same ;)

  6. I have my hair coloured and foiled every 6 weeks as I like it to look good. I would love for my hair to look like your image, but would have to curl it every day which is a little time consuming. The colour and foils do look fantastic. #TeamLovinLife

  7. Glad you love your new hair! I always regret when I do something different with my hair, but it's usually cutting it short and that is a bit of a shock to the system, haha!

  8. Not lately but I have a hot pink strip in my hair - but been there now for 4 years. It's my trade mark now!!!!

  9. I would have loved to see a pic - even of the back of your head!

    I've changed my hair a lot so fairly zen about cutting it off / colouring it and so forth. It's scary though if it's not something you do much. My hairdresser was reticent recently about cutting my hair off after I'd been growing it for over 2yrs but I just wasn't enjoying it and I don't regret it at all!

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